Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why do I post what I do?

Someone recently commented on my blog asking why I post photos of the result of a serial killer's misdeeds. Also, "if this were someone you loved, would you want this on someone's site?"

Now this question wasn't to belittle me or attack me but to tell you the truth, I thought this would have been asked a lot more and more frequently.

Answer is this:

I am not in it for the shock factor. I am not in it to get the most followers. I do it to share the darker side of the world. Anyone can google a serial killer and get their stories, but I try to bring you stories of not so famous serial killers. I post the pictures to show how horrible these men/women are/were. To show that it can actually happen. Also, I post pictures of adults. I do have a line that I don't cross, I do not post deceased photos of children.

I do have to ask, what do you say to those people who write about serial killers, post the same photos I may post and do it for monetary gain?

I don't think what I am doing is all that bad. I know people who have pictures of their loved ones in their deceased state and hang them on their wall or on facebook for all to see. Some of us would be okay with having others post and some of us not so much.

We are all entitled to our own opinion and the freedom to follow whatever blog we wish to follow. This is not the only time I have posted crime-scene photos nor will it be the last.

If it was someone I loved, I would have other things to care about and deal with than worrying if my loved one's crime-scene photos are on someone's site. I would know that the time we live in now, it's bound to happen. If it bothered me enough, I could always write to the person posting the photos and ask them to cease and desist. The first amendment comes into play until it is request from the specific families that I stop.

My blog has the "adult" tag on it and you must chose if you want to view what is behind that button. You have the choice to not follow, read or look at what I have posted.

I have lost many followers after I started posting my serial killer posts. It is what it is. We all have our tastes in what we are interested in and what we want to read. I figured my blog would not be the most popular and I put it out there for people who are interested in this subject.

I do thank anyone for their input and their opinions and questions. I also thank those of you who continue following. Those of you who choose not to follow or have stopped following, I thank you as well for taking a chance and looking to see what other blogs there may be even though it can be a tad bit morbid.

I mean I have won blog awards..............

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Not The Typical Guy Next Door

~*P.S. 100TH POST!!!*~

Richard was born on November 25th, 1946. He was born in New York, but later moved to New Jersey with his family. Married with three children, an excellent athlete in high-school and a computer operator, Richard Cottingham was considered to be a good neighbor and family man. He didn't seem to be the guy that would be a trouble maker. Of course, it is the quite ones you have to worry about.

Richard would carry around a briefcase with him most of the time. The thing different about this briefcase is that it wasn't there to hold papers or pens it was there to hold gags, fake guns, knives, prescription pills, slave collars and handcuffs.

MaryAnn Carr was Richards first victim. It is believed that her demise was strangulation. Her body was dumped outside of the Quality Inn where she met her fate on 12/16/77.

~*MaryAnn Carr*~

On 12/2/79 firefighters responded to a hotel fire. Upon their entrance to the room they found two bodies. The first body they began to do CPR, only when they went to breathe into her mouth, well there was no head, let alone a mouth, to breathe into. The head was decapitated. This body belonged to a young 22 year old prostitute Deedeh Goodarzi. The other body has never been identified. Both bodies had their heads decapitated and their hands cut off.

Another prostitute, Helen Sikes, was found about one month later than the above murders. Her throat was slit so deep that she was almost decapitated. Her legs, lying side by side, were found a block away from her body.

At the same hotel as MaryAnn Carr was found, another prositute was found on May 18th 1980. She was beaten and strangled and her body was shoved underneath the bed. This body, yet to be identified, had her breasts chewed on and a nipple almost chewed off.

Another fire and another body at another hotel was found on May 15, 1980. This prositute, Jean Reyner, was stabbed and her breasts fully severed from her body.

Richard's killing ways came to an end about 2 weeks later of the discovery of Jean's body. The same exact hotel of MaryAnn Carr and an unknown Jane Doe, cops were called due to a screaming girl in one of the rooms When the cops got there, a cut, raped, sodomized, screaming teen was in the room. Richard had bit the teens breasts so badly that they were bleeding. Not only did they find the hurt teen but they also found 33 year old Richard in the room. He didn't resist arrest.

Richard's wife had filed for divorce in 1980 stating that her husband was exhibiting extreme cruelty. She stated that her and Richard hadn't had sex since 1976 due to Richard refusing.

Richard was found guilty of killing MarryAnne, Deedah, and two Jane Does. He got 248 years in prison. Richard tried committing suicide a lot while he was awaiting trial, but unlike his victims he survived.

The heads and hands of Deedah and the Jane doe found with her have yet to be found.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I've always wanted to be an assassin since I was a kid, but I never had the chance."

All they wanted to do was chat online or even play video games in the arcade. They would be told that a new game was being made, God Riding on a Wooden Horse. Little did they know that someone was there waiting to lure them to their death.

Huang Yong was born to a pig farmer in Henan Province, China  in 1974. He only spent a short time in the military. After that he spent most of his time in Southern China as a farm worker.

When the poor boys would go to Yong's house, they would be tied to his torture device called the "intelligent hobby horse" which looked like a noodle machine. The boys then would be drugged, raped and then strangled. Most of the times Yong would only strangle the boys until they passed out. He would then wake them up again to rape them and torture them. He would continue this pattern until he got bored. He also would perform posthumous rape.

When he was bored, he would strangle the boys until they died and cut up their body. He then buried their bodies in the ground around his house. He would make sure to keep their belts as souvenirs. He told the courts that he didn't go after women because he wouldn't be considered a "hero"

His last victim, a 16 year-old boy named Zhang Liang, convinced Yong to let him go after being raped, strangled brought back and raped over and over again. The police almost didn't belive Liang's story. Liang said that Yong told him he already killed 25 boys and that he was the 26th. Cops finally believed what Liang was telling them and they arrested Yong. They found 8 bodies when they searched around Yong's home.

Yong stated he did in fact kill 25 boys. He was sentenced to death on December 9, 2003 and executed a single shot to the back of the head on December 26, 2003.