Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Heart Boots!

Boots! Oh how I heart them. I have so many boots. I don’t wear any of them, I just love the fact that I have them. I have the shiny, calf-high, black pleather boots *a.k.a hooker boots*, the fishnet boots *a.k.a hooker boots*,  and basic black combat boots.

I don’t know if you would call it a boot fetish, because I usually don’t wear the boots in public or behind doors, but I cannot pass a store that sells boots without going into it and checking out the boots!

Shoes are shoes, but boots are on a whole other level. Boots are the dominate figures of the footwear  world. Boots are just awesome!

Now even though I don’t get the whole sexual boot fetish area, I think that it is awesome someone can get turned on by them. I think that is has everything to do with the fact, again, that boots are dominant. They make the person wearing them feel in control. The boots bring their admirers to their knees in order to be low enough to kiss them.

I do have to say, to please remember not to judge a person by their boots. Just know that if they are wearing the *a.k.a hooker boots* you might be in for a wild ride. Rawr :P

Boots that I have fallen in love with

I even found some shoes O.o

Shoes that I have



Anonymous said...

I think I'd break my neck if I wore those boots; haven't worn heels in since the 90's!

CJ xx

BeMistified said...

I think I have worn the first to boots 5 times since I have had them and that has been for probably 10 years all together. I can walk in them, it's just for how long is the questions. Haha! Thank you so much for the comment and the follow. =)

Brooke said...

Boots rule. I have stiletto boots, shoe boots, thigh high boots, knee high boots, cowboy boots, furry, suede, patent and leather boots. Do you think I have a boot problem? It looks pretty tame next to my list of shoes... ;-) x

BeMistified said...

You do win on that Brooke! =D Just wait until I get me another job. Haha!