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Have You Been Given An Award?!?! Read To Find Out!

Alright so for the first award I was supposed to hand out. This award is going out to those blogs that are what the award states: Under followed, Overlooked, Uncommon and Underestimated.

This award is being given to:

Alright and now on to the most recent blog I am to giving away.

 ~*Yes there are more rules to this award than just giving it away. See below!*~

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave this award to you:
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Bloscar Aka Blogademy Award Part 4

2. Share 7 things about yourself:

I am originally from Utah

Yes I am Mormon

No I am not a practicing Mormon

No I do not have a husband and many sister-wives

I am starting to look into the holistic way of life

I have always been interested in the Pagan and Wiccan ways

I read Tarot cards.

Alright now rule #3 is to give this away to recently discovered great bloggers. There was supposed to be a certain number, but I see myself as a rule breaker, so I will give the award to whomever I want!

Thank you all for keeping me entertained. ALL of you my dear followers and readers!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bloscar aka The Blogademy Award Part 4

So I know I have been a little absent. School and work doesn't really make much time. I do change my schedule on Monday the 31st to work earlier and get off of work earlier so yay!

Okay any way moving on. I was reading comments and guess what? I received two, that's right, two more blog awards! The first is from Goofy Girl over at There Is Grandeur and the other is from Crazy Ramblings of a Tired Mom over at Crazy Ramblings of a Tired Mom. Now they are the same award, but hey it was given to me twice. Yeah sounds naughty doesn't it?

I know I am supposed to answer questions, but with my life at this time, I am not able to. I did the first part of mentioning who provided me the award, and when I have time, I will hand it out.

So for right now I am giving my thanks, and shall return!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What's for dinner?

Katherine Mary Knight was the younger of twins born on October 24, 1955 in Tenterfield, New South Wales. Katherine's Father, Ken, was a drunk and would rape her Mother, Barbara, up to ten times a day. Katherine stated that numerous family members would sexually abuse her very frequently. She stated that her Father was not one of them. This continued until she was eleven.

~*Katherine Knight*~

In school, Katherine was considered a pleasant girl that would go into a fit of rage over minor upsets. She did attack one boy in school with a weapon. When she left school, at age 15, she became a cutter. She then started her dream job, which was cutting up offal, entrails and internal organs of a butchered animal. She moved up to boning and was provided with her own set of butcher knives. She hung these knives over her bed, no matter where she lived, just so they would be there if she needed them.

Katherine met Kellett in 1973, they were co-workers. He knew how to drink and she knew how to fight. When Kellett would get into fights, Katherine was right there backing up Kellett with her fists. Katherine requested that her and Kellett get married. They rode up on her motorcycle, and Kellett was very intoxicated. Katherine's Mother told Kellett to watch his back for Katherine would not hesitate to kill him if he pissed her off. She told him that Katherine would fucking kill him.

On their wedding night, Katherine tried to strangle Kellet because he fell asleep after having sex three times. Needless to say, the marriage was not the best damn thing that happened since sliced bread! They had a little girl, Melissa Ann, and Kellett couldn't take Katherine any more and left her for another woman. In protest, Katherine took 2 month old Melissa and laid her on the railroad tracks. She then went to town with an axe and threatened to kill a lot of people. Melissa was found, and rescued, by a local resident, Old Ted. Katherine was arrested, diagnosed with postpartum depression, and released.

Katherine slashed some chicks face and demanded that the chick take her to where Kellett was. The chick escaped. The cops show up at the service station and Katherine has some little boy, holding him hostage. She was disarmed and taken to the psychiatric ward where she told nurses she was going to kill the mechanic because he fixed Kellett's car. Kellett was told of the incident, so he left his girlfriend to be by Katherine's side. She was released from the hospital and went to live with Kellet and his Mother. Another daughter was born to the couple on 3/6/80, her name was Natasha Maree. Four years later Katherine left Kellet this time.

Katherine then met David Saunders. He moved in with her, and her two daughters, but kept his apartment that he had as well. Katherine would become jealous numerous times and throw Saunders out, only to beg him to come back. She cut the throat of Saunders' two month old Dingo, stating that if he ever done her wrong, that it was going to be him next time. She then knocked him unconscious with a pan. In 1988, Katherine had another daughter, so Saunders put a deposit down on a house. Katherine decorated the house with rusted animal traps, some skulls, animal skins, some pitch forks, some boots, leather jackets and rakes. You could not see the ceiling nor the walls. They got into another argument, and Katherine hit Saunders in the face with an iron and stabbed him in the stomach with some scissors. It said to hell with this and went into hiding. He went to see his daughter, and had a restraining order put on him.

Katherine then moved on to Chillingworth, to which she had a boy named Eric. After three years, she left Chillingworth for the guy she was having an affair with, Price.

Price knew of Katherine's violent streak, but still let her and her children move in with him and his children. His children adored Katherine, and even though they had some fights, he considered their life a bunch of roses. Price refused to marry Katherine, so she video tapped all that Price had taken from his company, and sent the video to his boss. Price was fired from the job he held for seventeen years. He threw her out, later to reconcile, but refused to let her move back in. The fighting became worse, and Price lost a lot of friends. Their fights escalated to Katherine stabbing Price in the chest, he told her to leave his home and took out a restraining order. Price told his co-workers that if he did not arrive at work the next day, it was because Katherine killed him. They begged him to not go home, but he had to for his children so she wouldn't kill them too. He went home, went to bed at 11 p.m. Katherine came over, woke him up, they had sex and he went to sleep.

~*John Price*~

Price was found by police the next day, after neighbors noticed blood on the front door. Katherine was found comatose from an OD of pills. Price was stabbed 37 times while he was sleeping. He tried to escape by going out the front door, but he either fell back inside the house, or Katherine drug him back in. He bled out in the hallway. The stabs were both in his front and his back and some going into vital organs, heart, liver, stomach, lungs, left kidney to where the lower part was severed completely, pancreas, and colon. Price was skinned, quote from trutv, "The entire skin was in one piece including hair, face, ears, nose, mouth, genitals and complete stab holes and dripping in blood. Hanging from the S-hook in the doorway, the feet were dragging on the ground." He was decapitated, and Katherine actually cooked some of his body parts like a pot roast complete with zucchini, cabbage, potato, yellow squash, pumpkin and gravy. She then put the concoction above onto two place settings on the table for Price's children. She was going to feed them their own father. The kids were not home at the time of the murder and the police arrived before any type of eating took place, and found Price's head in the pot with the vegetables. They also found a third meal that was thrown into the back yard, speculations was that it was for Katherine, but she couldn't eat it. A note was left on a photo of Price, accusing him of raping her children and his children raping her children.

Katherine went to plead guilty to manslaughter, but it was denied by the courts. She was charged with murder, and she pled not guilty. The trial commenced some jurors were advised they could be excused because of the graphic photos. Katherine was going to be defended stating that she had amnesia and disassociation. DENIED. She then pled guilty, but still refused to live up to what she did. It wasn't said as to why the guilty plea to murder all of the sudden. The judge stated that Katherine's lack of remorse is going to be the cause of the most sever penalty that can be given. She was sentenced to life in prison without parole, and gave the order to have all her papers marked with "never to be released."

Katherine appealed stating that the sentence was too harsh for the killing. All the judges of the appeals court denied her appeal. One judge stated, "This was an appalling crime, almost beyond contemplation in a civilized society."

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My apologies!

Hello fellow new followers!

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As soon as they fix it, if they ever do, I will return the follow favor!

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Love Thy Mother?

~*Warning: Some photo's on this page are graphic and may be disturbing. You have been warned.*~

Theresa Knorr, aka Theresa Jimmie Cross, was born on March 14, 1946 in Sacramento California. she gave birth to  six children, three boys and three girls.

When Theresa was 15, her Mother died. This made Theresa go into deep depression because she was very devoted to her Mother. She never fully recovered from her depression, and perhaps feeling lonely, would be the reason of marrying so young.

When she was 16, Theresa married her first husband, Clifford Clyde Sanders, who she shot to death in 1964. She was acquitted, claiming self defense. Two of her six children were with Clifford. Their names, Howard and Sheila.

~*Sheila, could not find a picture of Howard*~

Robert Knorr was her second husband. She had her remaining four children with Robert. Their names, Suesan, William, Robert and Theresa, aka Terry. Robert and Theresa ended up getting divorced. Theresa would not let Robert see his children, so he gave up and remarried. After the divorce, Theresa's drinking and drug use went out of control. She became delusional, and stated that the girls were evil spawns of Satan that were out to get her. 

 ~*Suesan, William, Robert and Theresa*~

Theresa was a very abusive Mother, but only towards her daughters. She felt that her daughters were evil and making her look ugly and fat. She had trained her Sons to beat, discipline and restrain their sisters. She would put cigarettes out on their flesh, have the boys hold the girls down and beat them or hold them down for their Mother to beat them. She would force feed the girls so much that they would vomit, and then she would make them eat their vomit.

Theresa seemed to treat the oldest of the three daughters the worst. Knorr thought that Suesan was putting spells on her forcing her to gain wait so she shot Suesan in the chest. The bullet lodged into Suesan's back. If someone was hurt in this family, no one went for help, they knew better. Suesan was left to die in the bathtub, however, she didn't die. When Theresa noticed that her daughter was going to live, she started to nurse her back to health.

Suesan recovered and demanded that she be allowed to move. Theresa told Suesan that she could move, as long as, she could remove the bullet from the back, so to remove evidence. Suesan agreed, anything to get freedom. Suesan was given a concauction of Mellaril capsuls and some hard liquor to knock her out. Once she was out, Theresa ordered her 15 year old son Robert to take a box cutter and cut out the bullet. Robert did as he was told, and after cutting through several layers of skin and muscle, he found the bullet. Suesan woke up to horrible pain, she had an infection. Soon Suesan had jaundice, and went into a coma. Theresa thought her daughter had died, so she ordered all the children to get all of Suesan's belongings, and Suesan, and put them in the car. They all drove to Square Creek Bridge, where Theresa ordered the boys to take Suesan out of the car and carry her to the creek bank. The youngest daughter Terry was ordered to get all of Suesans stuff and put it down by Suesan. Then she was ordered to douse everything, even Suesan, with gasoline and light it on fire. No one looked back. She was 16.

~*Suesan's body*~

The next target, now being the oldest, was Sheila. Sheila was forced into prostitution. Sheila kind of welcomed being a prostitute, because it meant that she got to come and go as she pleased. However, one day Theresa accused Sheila of transmitting an STD to her via the toilet seat, and she completely freaked out again, beating Sheila black and blue. Sheila was handcuffed and locked inside an excruciatingly hot closet, with order from Theresa to provide Sheila with no food or water. She died a week later of starvation and dehydration. She was thrown into a cardboard box and dumped along the side of the road. She was 20. She was not identified until years later.

~*Sheila's body*~

The last of the daughters was Terry. She claimed that she lived because she stood up to her Mother telling her that she is going to leave. Her Mother stated that Terry could leave, as long as, she burned down the apartment they were living in to get rid of any evidence that was left from killing Sheila. Of course, Terry did as she was told, and burned the apartment down. Theresa held a knife to her daughter's throat to make it so Terry didn't leave, but Terry stood up to her again, and left. She went to the authorities, but no one believed what she was saying, saying it was too grotesque and unheard of.

A detective was on the case of the two female bodies that were found. Once by the creek and the other along side the road. Terry was watching American's Most Wanted, none of the stories were about her family, and decided, again, to try to provide the story of what happened in her family. They checked with Jane Doe reports, and everything started to fall into place.

After the apartment was set on fire, Theresa and Robert, the only one to stay by his Mother's side, moved to Vegas. Before they moved, Howard had left, wanting nothing to do with the family, and William moved in with a girlfriend. While Theresa and Robert were in Vegas, Robert went into a bar, details still are not clear, but when he left in handcuffs, he also left the bartender dead. He was sentenced to 16 years in Jail. After the commotion, Theresa was scared and moved to SLC, UT. This is where she was captured, due to a drivers license application.

Knorr was charged with the two counts of murder, two counts of conspiracy to commit murder, multiple murder and murder by torture. She pled not guilty at first, but when she got news that one of her Sons was going to testify against her, she avoided capital punishment by pleading guilty to all charges. She has been sentenced to two consecutive life sentences, with the possibility of parole in 2027. Robert was given 3 more years to be added to the 16 he was already serving, and William got probation.