Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodbye to a tub of stuff.

Alright, so I decided to unpack the box from work. I mean I was laid off in June due to doors closing in Colorado and opening up in Illinois, so I think it’s time.  Most of the stuff in there was from my desk like books, sticky notes, markers, crayons, colored pencils, pens, pencils, white-out, tape, glue, miscellaneous papers, glue and most important frog stuff.  All of which I bought, so there was no stealing office supplies, which wouldn’t be bad considering they were just going to throw all the crap away anyway.

~*Brown box is all trash, the orange thing is Faulty the Spider, we had certain people for certain days that would be their fault. I had Thursdays. Why a thermometer in something from work I will have no idea.*~

So before they decided to micromanage and make us clear our cubicles/desks, mine was home away from home. You couldn’t see the walls of my cubicle, or most of my desk for that matter, due to all the frogs hanging or inhabiting my desk.

~*This was my desk at work*~

I digress, I am writing about cleaning, clearing and organizing, not memories of work. So I go through the green tub filled with crap and graciousness, I never knew how much stuff I could pack away in a desk!

So I go through and test the markers and put them in their own marker box, test the pens and they go in front of the drawer, test the dry erase makers and they get their own box, highlighters the same, glue goes in one pencil box, pencils go in pencil box and tape in it’s own drawer. I don’t think I will be needing for office supplies for a few months. I even have quite a stash of sticky notes! All green of course. =)

~* All the stuff put in the drawer. Yay!*~

So now I have one empty tub to fill with something. I am sure I will find a use for it, plenty of stuff to store and get out of the way.

I feel liberated!


SweetiePea said...

Nice job! It always feels good to get things cleaned up and organized. I should do it more often myself. Nice froggy fethish you've got there too. :-D

BeMistified said...

Well thank you! That isn't even 1/4 of my frogs either. Frogs and Boots and no where to put them. Haha!

Damn The Broccoli said...

Can you not put the boots on the frogs in some glorious combination of froggy bootage?

BeMistified said...

DTB: OMG! Course, that is a fetish all in its own, no? O.o

Anonymous said...

that is awesome, i like your frogs..... it looked alot like mu turtles.

The Sword of Odin Knife Blog said...

Seeing how nicely organized you managed to get your things reminds me of all the messiness I need to clear up at my work desk here at home.

Nice job!