Monday, November 22, 2010

How the hell are you?!

Hello my blogger peeps?! 

How in the hell are you?!

I miss y'all greatly!!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pucker up and close your eyes and kiss this goodbye

Oy Vey! Do I have a bad streak with the male gender or what?!

I am not one to click with the chicks for the most part. I am a "one of the guys" type of chick, and I am okay with that! I like to work on cars, go fishing, hunting and fix stuff that happens to be broken, well fix inanimate objects that is! However, I know how to be a stereo-typical chick too.

I have posted before that I am one of those people that strangers come up to and spill their guts without knowing you the hell I am. I am okay with that for the most part. I am really not a people person and kind of give that look like, "Oh I'm sorry did I look interested?"

I have been jaded a lot in the past and I have learned to trust no one. As soon as I start trusting someone and letting them in, SLAM, the door shuts and they vanish. I am always thankful that I didn't share too much, because I would absolutely hate myself for being so vulnerable with my emotions and secrets, knowing that most of the time the person I am open with will just leave.

These relationships have always been friendships and nothing more, and maybe that's the reason for them up and leaving. If that is the reason, then good riddance to all of you who have up and left me standing here baffled as to what the hell I have done. There is just one in particular though that really puzzles me, I just got the cold shoulder never to be talked to again. No reason to why just blocked from everything. Most of the other ones, they betrayed me and lied to me after I told them I would always find out the truth ALWAYS, yet they didn't believe me until well, it was too late. I am generally not a second chance chick, and I have warned people of this, one chance that's it.

People may think that is too harsh and that everyone deserves a second chance, but you fuck me over and that's it. Fuck me over once, shame on me. Fuck me over twice and it sucks to be you.

I really just do not understand the male gender. Oh well, here's to the past they can kiss my glass!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It's My Party, And No Crying Was Involved!

Oh good lord! So my birthday is Tomorrow, or 11/14 for those of you who may already be on that day, and I went out last night to celebrate! I had a freaking blast! Though when you go to a bar that is owned by a friend, you seem to get drunk a lot quicker than all the other people. When I look back on last night, they poured 3/4 booze and 1/4 whatever the non-booze was!

~*What I was drinking. It was num yummy!*~

I played some pool, the que ball seemed to leave the table a couple of times. I mean hey if I had a drunk lady trying to come at me with a stick............ Oh never mind, that is not going where I want it to go to prove my point.

Hillary was my designated, and thank the powers that be because I was, in the words of a co-worker, faded! This is my first time in 10 years that I have actually got that drunk that much! Last time was 10/31/2000. Woot!

This morning was a rough one, but I seem to be holding together quite well. No crackers in the house, so I done did eat me some bread, and I am feeling better. I received an iPod touch 4th generation from my Mother, totally sweet! I had it engraved to say "You are not your freaking iPod" Yeah I know genius. I was going to say fucking instead of freaking, but noooooooooooooooooo Apple said "Yeah not so much" the bastards! I tried to take a picture of it, but it's sooooooo shiny and reflective.

Well my friends, here's to having a better morning, since it's only 10:54 here in colorful Colorado, and to a better day! Y'all have a great morning/day/night and we will talk to you later.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Horror!

Meet Fred. Fred grew up in a house of incest. Fred's Father liked to have sexual relations with his daughters. Fred's Father also learned him the ways of bestiality. Fred's Mother sexual molested him since the age of 12. In 1958 Fred fell of his motorcycle and broke some bones and received skull fractures. Fred was never the same after that, having an abundance fits of rage. Fred was convicted of molesting a thirteen year old girl, and that is when his family disowned Fred. Daddy always said "Do what you want, just don't get caught doing it." Fred didn't listen.

Meet Rosemary, who also came from a family where incest was the way to live and who at age sixteen, moved in with Fred and then gave birth to his child when she was seventeen. Fred went to prison for theft, and at that time Rosemary took it upon herself to kill Charmaine who was Fred's stepdaughter from his first marriage, because when Rosemary would beat her relentlessly, she refused to cry. Rosemary stated that Charmaine's Mother had come and retrieved her, however, when Charmaine's Mother actually did come to retrieve Charmaine, she also went missing.

The sweetest happiest couple did finally get married and they also had a second daughter. Sweet lovely husband Fred told Rosemary to go into prostitution. Rosemary ended up having seven children, three of them were mixed. The happy couple moved into a bigger house, and the top floor was turned into a sex room for Rosemary to perform her tricks. There were holes so Fred could watch and there was a "put on the red light" outside so the kids knew if that was on do not come a knocking dammit! Mama's busy! Fred would even allow Rosemary's dad to come and get it on with her.

These two loved the BDSM scene with violent sex, however, it had to be on young girls. It is sad to report that Fred's first child, Anna Marie age 8, was his first victim. Fred would brutally rape and torture her while Rosemary held her down. She was told that she would be beaten horrifically if she told anyone.

Next was a seventeen year old nanny that they hired, she escaped the torture and turned the couple in, however they were just slapped with a fine.

For five years the couple would brutally torture, rape, murder and then dismember the bodies of teenage girls. Fingers and toes would be removed before the bodies were buried in the torture cellar. Not every victim was a murder victim however, and when you leave people alive, someone is going to tell about the happenings at the home.


Detective Constable Hazel Savage, was the main person that lead the investigation at Fred and Rosemary's house. Stuff was found that indicated child abuse, also porn was found. Both were arrested and Rosemary tried to commit suicide, but one of her sons found her and revived her. A warrant was issued for the property and bodied galore were found, some decapitated. They were charged with twelve counts of murder. Rosemary tried to put all the blame on Fred, saying she was the victim, but the authorities were having none of it. In 1995 Fred committed suicide by hanging himself with bedsheets. In 1995 Rosemary was found guilty of ten counts of murder. She was given a minimum of twenty five years, but then was given a life sentence.

The House of Horrors was torn down and turned into a path going into the town center.

~*Walk way to the Town Center*~

Monday, November 8, 2010

Just Another Manic.. Oh You Know The Rest...

Oh lordy lordy lordy!!! It sure is a Monday!

Well took our first calls today! Yay! Total cake. Like I said before "I have this!"

Registered for classes. Kind of upset that the biology class starts 30 minutes before I get off of work, but I will call them tomorrow and see if there is anything I can do. It is a class that I actually have to show up to school for, so we will see.

It was a great day, however, I am glad that it is winding down!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ready or Not, Here I Come...

"Hey there pretty lady, wanna come pose for some pictures? I will give you some money for your troubles. It's just that you look so beautiful, and who could not want to take pictures of you? Oh come on, I wont hurt you, it's just pictures."

On February 15, 1939 a serial killer was born in Esterville Iowa. It is said that Robert Christian Hansen had a hard upbringing. His Father made him work long hours in the family baker and was also very strict. Robert suffered severe acne and, for his age, was considered very small. He had a stuttering problem, and his parents forced him to be right handed, even though he was born left handed. He did graduate High School. He wasn't much of a "friend" person. Went he graduated, he went into the Army. He would spend the time working in the family bakery and also devote one weekend a month to the Army. In 1960, Robert married a local girl.

~*Robert C. Hansen*~ 

Robert was accused of perceived abuses by citizens of Pocohantas Iowa, and decided to burn down the school bus garage. Robert's friend turned him in and he was sentenced to three years, only to serve 20 months. Robert's wife wasn't' having any of that, and immediately filed for divorce. When he was released, Robert met another chick and married her in 1963. After living a life of crime in Iowa, Robert decided to make a new start and moved to Alaska.

He was adorned in Alaska. Everyone treated him with respect and treated him well. He was considered a great outdoorsman by the people of Anchorage. His den was filled with the mounts of some of the animals that the hunted. He also had some animals entered into the world books of Pope & Young's trophy hunting. All the positivity was short lived though, for Robert was arrested in 1977 for stealing a chainsaw. He was sentenced to 5 years, and after having a customary mental evaluation done by the prison psychiatrist, it was determined that Robert was bi-polar and needed to be on lithium. The courts never enforced this, and Robert was released after serving one year. In the 80's, Robert was awarded $13,000 for a burglary that happened at his home. Robert used the money to open up a bakery, to support his wife and their two children. His bakery flourished, and Robert was known as a respected member of the community.

Sherry Morrow was a dancer for the Wild Cherry Bar, which was located in downtown Anchorage. Her body was found with three gunshots wounds caused by a .223 caliber bullet. She was blindfolded at the time of death, and was last seen on November 17, 1981. She left the bar with a man offering her money to pose for pictures. Two other females were found in the 80's. One has yet to be identified, and so she was named Eklutna Annie, the other was a topless dancer by the name of Joanne Messina. Both bodies were badly decomposed, and no evidence was present. When things started to calm down, another body was found. She was a 17 year old prostitute and topless dancer. She too was found with bullet wounds caused by a .223 caliber bullet. She had gone missing about 5 months prior to her being discovered.

~*Sherry Morrow & Paula Goulding/Malai Larsen & Sue Luna*~

~*Tamara Pederson & Lisa Futrell/unidentified victim dubbed "Eklutna Annie" she is still unidentified*~

 On June 13, 1983, a trucker was driving down the road when he noticed a chick freaking out and wailing her arms, trying to get his attention. The trucker pulled over and discovered that the chick had handcuffs dangling from one arm and her clothes were all a wreck. She told the trucker that some crazed lunatic was after her and to please take her to the Big Timber Motel. The trucker, freaked out I am sure, obliged and took her to where she requested. She asked the front desk clerk to make a call for her to her pimp. Her pimp? Really? At least the trucker was smart enough, and drove to the Anchorage Police Department and reported the incident.

The cops arrived at the motel and the chick was still there with the handcuffs still dangling from one arm. She then began to tell her story. She stated that some dude came up to her and offered her $200.00 to have her perform oral sex on her. Guess she wasn't pretty enough for pictures? Any way, she agreed and while she was performing, mid-way through the dude slapped handcuffs on her and also brandished a gun. He told her that if she went along with all he requested, she would live. He took her to his house, brutally raped her. She said that he bit her nipples pretty hard and also molested her with a hammer. He told her that he was taking her to his cabin, but again, if she did everything he said he would let her go. He loaded her into a small plane, and while he was loading supplies, she opened the door and ran for her life. The dude chased after her, but gave up when she saw the trucker stop.

The cops took the chick to the airport so she could identify her kidnapper's airplane. Once she pointed it out, they did a check and it came back to belonging to Robert C. Hansen. When the cops showed up at Robert's door, he denied the accusations stating that he had no idea who she was and she probably just wanted money. He also stated "You can't rape a prostitute can you?" The cops checked Robert's alibi of him and his family vacationing in Europe, and it checked out and charges were not filed. Robert was still on the minds of the authorities though for being their suspect. Eventually, Robert's friends broke down after police told them that they too would be held responsible. They stated that they were not with Robert on the days he said they were, and they also found the "stolen" goods from the burglary Robert claimed happened, in Robert's basement. They got search warrants but they were not finding anything tied to the murders, that is until they found a hidden space up in the attic. Up in that space was the gun used to murder the women and some ID cards that belonged to some of the murdered women.

It was a game of cat and mouse when Robert was brought down to the police headquarters. He at first denied all charged, but then realized he would lose in court. He check marked grave sites on a map, but the police stated that it would have been impossible to locate them based on Robert's check marks, so they flew him out so he could walk them to all the grave sites. After all was said and done, 12 grave sites, all of unknown women, were discovered. Robert described abducting the chicks, telling them they would live if they cooperated, and flew them to his cabin. When they were at his cabin, he would brutally rape and torture the chicks, blind fold them, strip them naked and turn them loose in the woods. He would then hunt them down using a knife or his high powered rifle. He stated, "it was like going after a grizzly bear or a trophy Dall sheep."

After he described what he had done, most everyone took to remembering "The Most Dangerous Game" by writer Richard Connell. Robert is basically serving a life sentence, and is currently housed at Spring Creek Correctional Center.

Pictures found here.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Go ahead, walk through Maple Hill Cemetery. You might want to start early, for this cemetery is the largest cemetery in Alabama, reaching over 100 acres of land. Keep walking until you come upon the cove, then go ahead and walk through the forest. When you have come to the playground, you have made it.

The Dead Children's Playground looks so stunning in the daytime, when it reaches night, not so much. Some say that the bodies of abducted children were dumped here by the abductor, and the ghosts of the children still come to play at this playground. You have the generic sightings, swings moving on their own, children yelling out to their friends and laughing. Also, photos have been reported to have orbs of light in them. Orbs are believed to be the spirits taking form in a ball of light. All this stuff happens late at night to way early in the morning for children to be playing. Don't try to stop those swings from swinging, but as soon as you step away, they will start moving again. You then can see the sand be disturbed, as if a child just jumped off of the swing. However, it looks like it is wood chips currently instead of sand.

Don't try to stop those swings from swinging, but as soon as you step away, they will start moving again. You then can see the sand be disturbed, as if a child just jumped off of the swing. The City of Huntsville went and tore down the playground to make more room for plots in the cemetery. The people of the city freaked out, told the City of Huntsville to put the playground back, and they did. Thank you people of Huntsville for saving the place that the children, alive or dead, love to play. I find it cool that there is even a playground withing the limits of the cemetery.

Friday, November 5, 2010

How about a swim?

In 1928 the tallest hotel, Hotel San Carlos, was built in Phoenix Arizona. The hotel offered air cooled rooms, which was a feature that was before it's time in 1928. If you were to go up to the roof, you would have an awesome view of Phoenix. Now days, however, all you can see is the other buildings and high rises.

A young girl dressed in her white evening gown, was waiting for her boyfriend to come and take her out for a night on the town. The boyfriend never showed up and she was heartbroken. It doesn't state the reasoning for the girl being stood up, but it hurt her so bad that she climbed to the roof of the Hotel San Carlos, which is now where the pool is located, and jumped. Lone Jensen's death was the first suicide of the city of Phoenix. She was 22 and committed suicide on May 7, 1928.

Ever since her death, there have been numerous sightings of a white figure shaped as a woman, a white cloud and cool breezes. The hotel staff will not go to any floor alone due to the sightings and the staff being so superstitious. Little children have been heard running up and down the hallways, laughing and playing. However, these children were not part of anyone belonging to the hotel, but belonging to the school that once was before the hotel. The school had a well, and I am sure you can guess what happened next. I mean who puts a well on the grounds of a school? Any way, records state that there were three or four boys that drowned in the well. The school house was closed down, but the well still remains to this day in the basement of the Hotel San Carlos, for it is the main water supply to visitors.

The penthouse still has running water, air-conditioning and electricity, but it is said no one lives up there and they will never rent it out. Hmmmmmmm.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Gold Piece For A Piece...

Captain william Moore, the founder of Skagway, AK, cut the planks for the Red Onion Saloon. This Saloon was actually a whorehouse, or for all you P.C. people, a bordello aka brothel. The Red Onion was finished in 1897 and opened in 1989

If you wanted your thirst quenched by alcohol, you stayed on the first floor. However, If you had more of a sexual thirst, then you would need to head, no pun intended, to the second floor. There wasn't much room however, for the cubicles or cribs as they called them, were only 10' X 10'. In these cubicles, there were three exits. One that led to the hallway, and the other two lead into the cubicles that were attached. To make it easy for payment, there was a hole in the floor that had a copper tube which lead to the cash register on the first floor. The cubicles were not sound proof by any means, and the girls would decorate the walls with cloth and wallpaper.

Now days, no one occupies the second floor of the saloon, well no one alive any way. Reports have been made about footsteps being hard on the second floor, and footsteps going up the staircase to the second floor. Cops have been called with reports of banging and stomping going on upstairs, only to show up and find nothing. On one call, however, the cops went upstairs to find a dark shadow figure. The figure walked down the call and then went into one of the rooms. When the cops went in the room after the shadow, nothing was there.

The second floor also has reports of the scent of very strong ladies perfume, cold spots and a female aparition watering the plants that are up there.

The Red Saloon is now a bar and restaurant. The second floor consists of an office, a Madame's room, some dressing rooms and a bedroom. If, for some reason, a guy wants to stay the night upstairs, the spirits of the chicks that turned tricks, may not be so happy that they are there.

~*Madame's Bedroom*~

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I am so not used to these work hours! My old job was 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. My hours now are 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. You can't do anything in those hours! I mean I do ♥ my job, I am so thankful for my job, I am so lucky to have my job, but I just have to get used to the hours.

By the time I get home it is 7-8 at night, and there's really not much time to do stuff. Get home take a shower and pretty much go to bed. Ugh!

I ♥ y'all and thank you so much for being loyal followers :D

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sing A Song, Play A Litte Tune

Gainesville Plantation was officially completed in 1861. Thought the mansion was completed in 1861, Nathan Whitfield from North Carolina, started building Gainesville in 1843 in Demopolis Alabama. Nathan was his own designer and his own architect for the Gainesville Plantation. Mr. Whitfield was actually General Nathan Bryan Whitfield. The plantation was actually named Marlmont, but in 1856, Mr. Whitfield changed the name to Gaineswood in honor Gaines, the man that he bought the land from. Mr. Whitfield died in 1861.

~*Mr. Whitfield*~

In 1846, Mr. Whitfields first wife died. After she died, Mr. Whitfield hired a nanny, Evelyn Carter, to help with the house chores and to take care of the children. Ms. Carter would sing songs to the family and even knew how to play various instruments. Not known when, but Ms. Carter died after a long battle of an unknown illness on a cold winters day. Ms. Carter made sure to let Mr. Whitfield know, that if she happen to die before him, she was to be buried in a family cemetery back in Virginia. However, when Ms. Carter died, it was far too cold to get her back to Virginia, so Mr. Whitfield buried her under the house. It is said that Ms. Carter still haunts the plantation due to the fact that she never made it home to be buried the way she requested. People have stated that the voices they hear, the songs that are being sung and the piano being played, even though most of the keys no longer work and the tune is way out of whack, is all from Ms. Carter. Silk skirts rustling, footsteps in the guest stairway and the piano being played at midnight during the restoration of the mansion in 1970's, have also been heard.

There is also a river that flows by the plantation called Tombigbee River. In December 1858, a steamboat by the name of Eliza Battle, had caught fire and most of the two hundred plus passengers either drowned or they died of hypothermia. Mr. Whitfield went down to the river to see if he could be of any help, not sure if he was able to or not. He did manage to paint a portrait of the fire, and it still is hanging in the plantation to this day. People have claimed that they can see the Eliza Battle still burning.

After Mr. Whitfields death, his decedents took over the home and the 480 acres that surrounded it, until 1923. There were two other families that took over the property after that, and then in 1966 the Alabama Historical Commission bought the home and the property. The house was turned into a museum in 1971, and it remains a museum until this day.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

Well I didn't receive any pictures, that is okay though. I am not one for the camera either to tell you the truth.

I had a great Halloween weekend and a great Halloween.

I had an owl right outside the window last night hooting up a storm, well until someone scared him off. Some cultures say that when an owl is present and hooting, it is a sign of impending doom or death, others say it is a welcoming of good fortune. I am going to go with the good fortune part. After the owl left, the coyotes started howling.

Not much to tell today. Work is going good, can't wait to get out of training and actually start doing the work.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!