Sunday, October 31, 2010

This Is Halloween

It's officially Halloween here in the states! Well it was a few hours ago, but I am just getting around to doing stuff dammit.

I know some of you out there have kids and some don't. So I am just wondering what everyone is going to be.

I am a kid at heart for certain things, and Halloween is one of them, it is MY holiday! I am going to dress up as a school girl, fishnet stockings, pigtails and even the boots. Woot woot!

So if you want to send pictures this way, I will do a post tomorrow ~*Aka Monday*~ and post all pictures I receive! My email is BeMistified at gmail dot com.

Happy Halloween ~*Samhain*~ and be safe!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Now I know why tigers eat their young."

It all started in 1829 when, at that time, the most expensive building was built. This building was designed to hold 250 prisoners, but in 1913 it was estimated that it held 1,700. There are five wings that extend outward from the center, just like a wagon wheel. The place is Eastern State Penitentiary, which is known for housing Al Capone in 1929. Mr. Capone stated that he was being haunted by the ghost of James Clark, a rival's brother in law. Eastern State Penitentiary closed in 1970.

 ~*Easter State Penitentiary & Al Capone's Cell.

When ESP *How Ironic* closed down, it was closed for 21 years. At that time it was selected to be a part of the historic preservation. In 1991 reconstruction began.  Reports of unusual activity started happening since 1940. Sightings were rampant.

The prison started housing violent prisoners in 1951, such as murderers and rapists. The prison has a very violent history to what it did to prisoner, such as physical torture as a form of punishment. Many people feel that this type of punishment is what contributes to the hauntings. When prisoners were able to leave their cells, a black hood was put over their face so to not see all the other prisoners or to be able to interact with them.

One form of punishment for the inmates was to be dunked into ice cold water, and then they would be hung on the wall all night. Remember these prisons didn't have any kind of heat system, so if it was winter and this happened, ice would form on the inmates skin before morning. 

 ~*The Water Bath*~

Another form was a chair that an inmate was strapped to. This chair was the "Madness Chair" because the inmates were strapped down so tightly that they were not able to move at all. They were provided no food, and when the circulation in their bodies would almost stop, they would be let out.

Then there is the Iron Gag, this was the most deadliest punishment brought to the prisoners. It was an iron collar that was clamped down on to the inmates tongue. It was then attached, by chains, to the inmates wrists which were bound behind his back. If the inmate moved, it would cause the metal to cut into the tongue of the inmate which caused severe bleeding. Many inmates that were provided this punishment, died of sever blood loss before the torture ended.

~*The Gag*~

Then of course there is "the hole." The Hole was dug under cell block 14. Inmates that were thrown down into this darkness, were provided bread and water, well that is if they got to it before the rats and roaches. The hole had no light and very little air. It was the staff that made the inmates endure this torture, not the Quakers who it was used by.

~*The Hole*~ 

There is a catwalk in this place, if you watched the Ghost Hunter's episode of this place you would know about the big shadow figure that walked up to the camera and then quickly went away. Cell block 12 has reports of laughter, cackling and voices being heard. Shadow figures are also seen, besides the catwalk, in cell block 6 leaning up against the walls. In cell block 4 you have reports that faces of ghosts appear. Also, footsteps are heard throughout the entire prison. Shadow figures have been seen in the watch tower, could they be prison guards that feel they still need to watch over the prison?

~*The Catwalk*~

Friday, October 29, 2010

More Than One Soul Dies In Aokigahara

~*Disclaimer: Disturbing Photos In This Post*~

So it's been told that the Golden Gate Bridge is the number one place to take your own life. Maybe it's because it is such a pretty view before you go, I have no idea. Please realize that I am not taking light about suicide, just providing information regarding a place that people feel is their last to visit.

Let us all travel to Japan. Japan is a very beautiful country. It is where Mount Fuji is located, which is a very big tourist attraction. It is also the nation with the highest suicide rate. Many flock to this place for it wonder and beauty. Most do not think about going there to end their life in the forest that is located below Mount Fuji.

~*Mount Fuji*~

Aokigahara aka Suicide Forest, is "a perfect place to die." This description was taken out of a book, The Complete Manual of Suicide, which was being carried by some of the people who took their own lives in this forest. Another book that people say contribute to the suicide decision is Kuroi Jukai, which has a romantic ending about couple committing joint suicide. I have no idea what makes that so romantic. Guess I would have to read the book. You walk into the forest and you are greeted with signs, "Please Reconsider" and "Please contact the police before you decide to die" and "Life is a precious gift from your parents." Well I guess if it is the police or the parents that caused his person to think that this form was the only way out, those signs are not going to help.

 ~*Aokigahara & The sign talking you out of taking your life*~ 

Spiritualists in Japan feel that the suicides have soaked into the trees of the forest causing paranormal activity to grasp a hold of a person and not let them wander back out. Aokigahara is considered the most haunted place in Japan. People feel that it is a place of purgatory for those lost souls who may have regrets about what they did, and their pain is heard with the wind.

 ~* Bones of those who took their own lives*~

There are people whose jobs it is, is to clean up the bodies that are in this forest. There is a spare room that the forest workers put these suicide corpses in. The workers then play "rock, paper, scissors" to see who gets to be the one that sleeps with the corpses that night. The reason someone needs to sleep in the same room, is because most of the Japanese feel that is is very bad luck for the corpse to be left alone. They say if the corpse is left alone, the ghost of the dead will scream all through the night, and the corpse will walk on it's own throughout the building. It is said that over 100 bodies are cleaned up from this place a year.

 ~*Decomposing bodies in Aokigahara*~

Photos found by googling Aokigahara

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

“A great name without merit is like an epitaph on a coffin”

Hey guess what? The word "Casket" was actually the name of the box that you would put jewelry in. Casket was an euphemism instead of using the word coffin. I just don't understand how the word "coffin" is so offensive or scary.

~*What a real true casket looks like*~

Here in the real world, any box that you bury the deceased in is considered a coffin. Usually people have made distinctions that coffins are the boxes that have the hexagon or octagon shape, and the casket is just the regular rectangle box. Either way, the name coffin came first. In the 1800's, the coffin industry originated in the U.S. of A.

So usually the coffin is made with six sides and made out of steel, wood and possibly fiberglass. Some religions, coffins are to be plain, no ornaments no metal parts no nails, just wooden pegs, and must be made out of wood. While others are all about "Pimp my coffin." Some even are sealed shut with gaskets, that is if they are going to be above ground like in a mausoleum, for public safety. Some manufacturers offer a warranty on the structural integrity of the coffin. Really? How the hell are you going to know, if the coffin is six feet down, that it is still in good structural standing? Maybe it's just for those coffins that are above ground, because, coming from an extended warranty company, I do not see how one could warranty underground coffins.

 ~*Coffin & Casket*~

Most states require that the coffin be put into a burial vault, which is the underground tomb that is made out of cement that the coffin goes into. It is then lowered into the ground. These are used to keep the ground from caving in on top of the coffin and to keep the grave site from sinking in. Some manufacturers state that they can seal the vault to keep water and the elements from getting to the actual coffin. A vault, however, does not stop the decaying of the body.

~*Concrete burial vault*~

When someone died, way back when, the carpenter was the one that made the coffins. He would also manage the whole funeral as well. The cheapest of the coffins, was of course, the pine box. These were to bury a pauper. If you were rich and full of awesomeness, you got to have a yew or mahogany box with a fine lining and awesome bling bling.

~*paupers coffin and a rich persons coffin. This is a 14K Gold coffin and costs $500,000.00 Ringgits, which is $160,901.03 U.S. dollars.*~

Taken from Wiki, "Under a U.S. federal law, 16 CFR Part 453 (known as the Funeral Rule), if a family provides a casket they purchased elsewhere, the establishment is required to accept the casket and use it in the services. If the casket is delivered direct to the funeral home from the manufacturer or store, they are required to accept delivery of the casket. The funeral home may not add any extra charges or fees to the overall bill if a family decides to purchase a casket elsewhere. If the casket was bought from the funeral home, these Regulations require bills to be completely itemized."

In the world of today, most of the caskets are made of steel. Since cremation is becoming more prominent, caskets made of wood are becoming more popular. Some people use them as regular furniture. I will tell you, once I become rich, my house will have mostly coffin stuff in it. Coffin couch, coffin cabinets, coffin coffee table and even a coffin bed. Yes, I will also have a hearse in the drive-way. =)

~*This so would be my kitchen, or something similar. Resource here*~

 ~*This would be the bed & this is the couch. I would totally change the colors of course*~

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Brick In The.......

Imagine sitting in class and noticing a black figure go across the door way. You are sitting at the back of the class, which is by the door. It creeps you out a little bit, but you thinking nothing on it. It was probably just one of the teachers or another student. You look forward, and notice that the black figure is now just standing there, looking at you with red eyes. You get up to get away, and it vanishes.

You go under the stage in the auditorium where all of the props are kept for drama class. You start to hear talking and singing, yet you are the only one down there. You think nothing of it, possibly just other students, then you see a transparent apparition heading your way. You drop the props and get the hell out of there.

You are trying to get to class, which is on the second floor. You head to the stairs and notice that a family is at the top staring down at you. Some say they have spoken to them only to have the family turn and walk away very slowly. The family consists of a Father, Mother, two girls and a boy.

This my friends, is Kearns Jr. High. The Jr. High that I went to. Now I really didn't see anything while skipping running to class, but I have felt strange things while under the auditorium stage. I did hear the singing and the chatting when no one else was down there, and if there were other people, the chatting was coming from behind a wall no one could get by. I went down under that stage but once. The minute you get yelled at to "Get Out" you tend to not want to go back.

Kearns was farmland, but the military turned it into an army base. Welcome to Camp Kearns. Kearns Jr. High was built on land that was once was an Army Air Force Cadet Training Center. So some casualties happened on this base and possibly families were living here as well. It is said that there are a lot of tunnels underneath the school.

I would always get an uneasy feeling while going to school here, but mostly in the auditorium and on the second floor. It would be really awesome to do a ghost hunt there, but probably will never happen.

~*Kind of boring post today, kind of like the apples post. However, I will do better*~

If You Go In, You May Not Come Out

There was a lot of coughing and wheezing. There were a lot of breaths that were trying to be caught. A lot of chests were compressed and a lot of blood was being coughed up. Eyes were read due to the bursting of the capillaries that burst do to the onslaught of the coughing. Heads were buzzing and had the sense of dizziness due to not enough oxygen getting to the brain causing a fever. The lungs were breaking apart in the bodies of their carriers.  These are the things that people actually experienced while suffering from tuberculosis.

Kentucky had the highest tuberculosis death rate in 1900. Kentucky had numerous swamp lands and was in such a low valley area, that it was an awesome place for the bacteria to breed. The 40 bed two story hospital that Kentucky had was just way too small so in 1926 Waverly Hills was opened. Waverly Hills is a very well known haunted place now days. It was one of the most famous and advanced tuberculosis hospital. Some people that went in made it out, others were not so lucky, and their bodies would be disposed of through the “body Chute” and into the “death tunnel.”

~*Waverly Hills Sanatorium & Body Chute*~

In 1961 Waverly Hills closed down due to a tuberculosis facility no longer being needed because of the antibiotic that was discovered. In 1962 Waverly Hills turned into Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium. Electro Shock Therapy was widely used in those days and was proven to be a very effective treatment, even now days. Due to budget cuts in the 60’s and 70’s reports of unusual and cruel treatments and horrible conditions were reported, and the Sanitarium was closed down in 1982 due to patient abuse.

The hospital was going to be torn down and the world’s largest Jesus statue was to be erected, but the owner was stopped because the hospital is on the National Historic Register’s “endangered” list. The dude tried to get the building condemned by letting people come in and vandalize it. He also tried to get the foundation to crack by digging around it as deep as 30 feet, but it wouldn’t crack.

The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures did a show here at Waverly Hills, and found a lot of different evidence. There were some orbs and a lot of EVP’s *Electronic Voice Phenomenon* ghosts talking. It is said that certain people’s doppelgangers have been seen when the physical person is not around any where. It is also said that if you run into your own doppelganger, you will die shortly after seeing it.

 ~*The morgue and a draining table that has draining holes*~

People have seen apparitions, shadow figures and voices. Some people have claimed that their hands have been held and possibly children wanting to play ball with the living that have come to visit. Some pictures were left behind in the rooms that they passed away in. A nurse was found hanged in room 502. She possibly had an abortion that had gone bad, It is said she did this because she was unmarried, pregnant, possibly had tuberculosis and was very depressed. It was rumored that she possibly had an abortion that had gone bad, and the fetus was found in the fifth floor well system.

This place is on my “have to visit” lists. If you do decide to go to places for ghost hunting, make sure you ask permission, and do not under any circumstances trespass.

Wavery Hills Sanatorium

Monday, October 25, 2010

Heigh ho, heigh ho ~*I Am Neither*~

Wow this is really happening? After being out of work for 4 1/2 months, I have a job to go to?

I know some might say, "Um wow she is excited about going to work?" Yes! I have never NOT worked since I have been working. I was at my job for ten years. That's right, started working there right when I moved here to Colorado in 2000. Wow how time freaking flies!

I probably wont bore you with posts about my job and what happened that day, well unless it's post worthy. I am just so excited that today is my first day back to the grind, so I had to say something!

Y'all have a good day/night, depending on where you are at, and I must go forth into the working world once again. Tootles!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never Say "I'll Be Right Back"

We got our refreshments and headed in to find a seat. Everyone decided that the middle was the best spot, can’t blame them because it is. You don’t want to sit too close so you strain your back, and you don’t want to sit too far away so you have to squint to see the screen. Okay well it’s a pretty big screen, so you might not have to squint.

Personally, I feel I pay way to much to watch ten minutes of previews, especially if they are for movies that have nothing related to the movie that you are about to watch. If you are going to a horror film, I don’t want to see a preview for an “Eat, Pray, Love” type of movie. Show me some cool horror movies that are going to be coming out, if there are none, then quit wasting my fracking time with previews!

So I went to see Paranormal Activity 2. I do have to say that the first one was pretty freaky. It did have the typical "Oh my gosh I heard something, I better go alone and see what it is" or "Oh I just played with a dangerous object that some people say summons ghosts. Oh there is a knock at the door, I am a teenager babysitting alone, I better go see what it is" type of thing going on. Usually the chicks were the ones that were home and checking all the things that "go bump in the night."
 ~*Scene from the movie, well an added touch*~

It takes a lot to scare me with horror movies though, so I have really high expectations when watching this genre. Number two, I thought, out did number one. That is the way that it should be though right? They left it open for a number three, so we will see. It was funny to look around and see everyone jumping and screaming. I, eating my popcorn, feel that I got two forms of entertainment for the price of one. Most of the audience was chicks. It was one guy for every five chicks I swear.

~*I was maybe eight or nine when I first saw this movie. It made me laugh.*~

I would definitely say that if you are a horror movie fan, this is one to see. If you have not seen the first, then make sure you do that before seeing the second or some scenes won’t make sense to you. It is a ghost movie, so no blood and guts for you “sensitive” types. It would be wise to bring someone with you to dig your claws into or to have an ear to scream into. I give it 4 stars out of 5, but again, I am hardcore when it comes to horror films.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Stay Close So You Wont Get Lost

Welcome to the tour of the Winchester Mystery House. Please do not wonder astray from the group, for you may be lost, and for a very long time. We wouldn't want to have to conjure up a search party just to find you, so again, we ask that you stay with the group.

The owner of the mansion, Mrs. Sarah Winchester, was born around 1840. She wasn't born into the Winchester family, but married into it. They had a great and happy marriage until their daughter died in 1866 from Marasmus, which was considered a mysterious childhood disease at that time. Mrs. Winchester went into a very deep depression, and she never fully recovered. Then in March of 1881, Mr. Winchester died from tuberculosis. After this, she went to seek help from a spiritualist.

~*Mrs. Winchester*~

The spiritualist told Mrs. Winchester that she was being haunted by angry spirits. Spirits that were looking for revenge due to the fact that they died by being shot with a Winchester gun. The spiritualist told Mrs. Winchester that these spirits caused the untimely deaths of Mrs. Winchester's daughter and husband. Mrs. Winchester was told that she was going to be the next to go, well unless she moved west and built a big huge house to make these angry spirits happy.

Well the first thing you know, Mrs. Winchester said to kiss her derrière, and she moved away from there. Said California is the place I will be today, so she went and moved to San Jose. Mrs. Winchester had about twenty million dollars, and they say she used it all to buy and build the Winchester Mansion. It started in 1884 when she bought an eight bedroom farm house.

Mrs. Winchester had basically an endless supply of money, so she hired men to work around the clock on her new home. It was said that she was a very nice lady, she paid more than the going rate, however, she kept her face covered with a veil. It was reported that she would fire anyone that caught a glimpse of her. Mrs. Winchester never slept in the same room twice thinking that it would confuse the spirits that were out to get her. She had thirteen different colored robes that she would wear at different times. She had the Blue Room built in the home which was specially made for her to talk to the spirits, which consisted of a planchet, some pens and papers, a closet, a table and a cabinet. It was also told that a bell would ring at midnight and at two in the morning, said to be the departure and arrival of spirits.

The house has parquet floors, art glass windows and a grand ball room. There are stairs that lead to the ceiling, doors that go nowhere, open onto walls or open to the outside of the house, and chimneys that stop just short of the roof. There were only three mirrors in the house, due to spirits not liking mirrors because they would vanish if they saw themselves. Rooms were built, then torn down only to be built again. Some of the features in the house were built around, dismantled or just plain sealed over.

 ~*One of the three mirrors*~

The earthquake in 1906 trapped Mrs. Winchester in the front of the house in her favorite Daisy Bedroom. Mrs. Winchester said that the earthquake was a warning from the spirits telling her that she is spending way too much money on the front part of this ginormous mansion. When repairs were done to the damaged sections, Mrs. Winchester demanded that the 30 rooms in the front of the mansion, which included her favorite Daisy Room, the Grand Ballroom and the front doors to be sealed up.

 ~*Daisy Room, Grand Ball Room and Front Doors*~

When Mrs. Winchester died from heart failure on September 5, 1922, her eight bedroom farm house grew to 160 rooms, 2,000 doors, 10,000 windows, 47 stairways, 47 fireplaces, 13 bathrooms, and 6 kitchens. When the carpenters heard that she died, they completely stopped building, and there were half driven nails sticking out of the walls.