Thursday, September 30, 2010

Why So Serious?!

I look back in my files of photos and maybe it's no wonder they laid us off at my previous place of business. Haha! No really we were productive, but dammit I refuse to work at a place that I cannot have fun! Needless to say, I was the "Class Clown" of the work place most of times. The other class clowns came and went because they could not hold a candle to me.

So I introduced you to Spalding, but that was FOR something FOR a work project. I will now introduce you to something that I just decided to do because dammit, I am that awesome.

I was eating something from KFC, and guess what I had in the bag? A spork! Dun dun dun. I am looking at this spork and thinking, "Hmmmm if I break the 2 middle prongs I will have Batspork!" Yeah so some white out and a cut out cape and ta da! Batspork.

~*Na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, na, Batspork!*~

Batspork didn't stay taped to my silver board *Silver board being a dry erase white board but silver* for he was Batspork and famous. He traveled the world!

 ~*He went to Vegas and Arizona. These are the only pictures he felt like sending to us*~

He thought he was Batman though, not Batspork. He made me write this on my board at work, put himself in a scene from The Dark Night and put himself on the batman symbol. I think I may have created a monster.

 ~*The board at my desk, the movie scene and of course the symbol*~

He did have a sense of humor though and he did love animals.

~*He liked to play Where's Batspork, he really thought this sign was funny and  hung out with the bunny in front of our work*~

He met some famous people.

 ~*This is Frankenwalken and Horatio*~

One day though, he was just gone. ~*Sigh*~ Guess he got fed up with corporate America and just flew the coop. Haha!

This is the last footage I have of him. He was a good friend and kept me company and entertained. Hopefully he is living the life!

I know it may seem immature, but I just like to be entertained and have fun!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guess what?!

So I got called yesterday to set up an interview for a job! Yay! It's the same job I did before I was laid off, but that's alright just means I have all the experience they are looking for plus more! It's an inbound customer service with friendly customers, so I shouldn't get yelled at too much, well not as much as my last job! At least that is what I have been told.

So yesterday Hillary and I planned to get me ready for my interview on Tuesday, but it started out really rough. We both woke up with massive sinus headaches. I already had a sinus infection/congestion, which wasn't helping matters. We were both in PAIN!

However, the plans were to dye my hair black, which we did because going into an interview with black, brown, blond, gray and green hair wouldn't go over well I don't think. Yes those were the colors that were in my hair, or that my hair was.  Hillary did my nails for me too! They are white tip with a black line. That's all I really needed to have done, because I am just awesome all the other ways. Haha!

~*I know it's a small pic, but I ♥ my nails!*~

So I anxiously await for Tuesday at 11:00 a.m. to get here. I am so excited and I think I will do just fine in the interview. Again, I have done this inbound customer service for over 13 years, and to know that I wont be getting yelled at makes it even better and makes me want this job even more, and will suffice while I get my Mortuary Science Degree which I start in January.


Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday and Did You Know.....

Malagasy people in Madagascar celebrate a tradition called Famadihana or the turning of the bones. In this ritual, people dig up their relatives and bring them to this celebration where the bodies, or bones for that matter, are re-wrapped in fresh cloth. After the re-wrapping, the family members that are alive, um yeah duh, dance with the corpses, or the bones for that matter, around the tombs to live music.

~*The sorting of the bones from the old cloth and the re-wrapping in the new cloth.*~

Famadihana is still practiced in present day and only happens once every seven years. The Malagasy people believe that this custom joins the spirits join the world of the ancestors after it's completely decomposed and after the appropriate ceremonies take place. This may take several years.

~*Family reunion, I mean the celebration*~

Even though this is still in practice, it is on the decline due to the price of silk shrouds and well yeah some of the Christian organizations are not very fond of digging up dead people and dancing with them at their grave site. Party poopers is what I say! I guess the Catholics finally came around and was all, "yeah it's cool since it's all cultural and not really regligiony and stuff." All the Malagasy people want to do is respect their dead and it's a great way to get everyone to come to the family reunion.

Oh yeah, and that old shroud that the dead bodies, or the bones for that matter, were wrapped in? It is given to a newly wed couple that doesn't have any kids yet. It is used to cover the marriage bed. I mean nothing says sex like having it on some dead persons shroud.

I am here to just enlighten and provide information into other things. Though I poked fun at this, I do not mean to demean or belittle anyone's customs or beliefs.

Monday, September 27, 2010

No Notice

I started this morning off by going over to Hillary’s to help her run some errands. I was gone for all of the morning and part of the afternoon.

When I get home, I am welcomed by two guys.

Background: My apartments were told by the fire department that the buildings were not up to fire code, due to only having smoke detectors in the halls and in the apartments. Well what the hell are we supposed to have? Firemen sleeping in our living room to make sure no fires break out? I mean I would be okay with that, but these apartments are as small as it is already.

Now I have seen these said men wandering the grounds of the apartments and I knew that they were the “bring the building up to code” men. When I first saw these guys, I went to the manager and asked “Yo what’s up with these guys and stuff?” The manager proceeded to tell me the information that is in the above paragraph. I was then told that I would be getting a fire alarm in both of my bedrooms. Not just any fire alarm, but those obnoxious LOUD alarms that you see in public buildings, and that they are heat sensitive, not smoke, so they shouldn’t go off if someone burns something in the oven that causes smoke and not a fire.

~*This is close to what is being put into my living room and my two bedrooms*~

Okay so I get home and these two guys are in my home, and wires are hanging from my ceiling. I was all “WTF?” Mind you I told my manager to PLEASE give me some sort of notice before they come into my apartment because I have a cat and I don’t want her to claw their eyes out since she has no idea who they are. I was reassured I would have a notice. Mind you, it is again the law to come into an apartment without a 24 hour notice prior to entering. So at this point I am looking for my cat and royally pissed off!

~*That is their box, yes they took it out. The holes, which they screwed up on, and the wires that I came home to*~

I bite my tongue, find my poor scared cat, let them do what they are doing and they leave saying, “We will be back in about a couple of weeks to put in the actual alarms. We just needed to install the wiring for now.” Do you think I am going to get a notice about them coming in to finish the work? No probably not. They are so lucky that I am not my neighbors across the hall. They are the older couple, the wife being all crochety and angry, the husband says hi, but they are the nosiest people ever. I can just image the call the manager is going to get from them! No notice, not going to go over well.

~*This is where the actual alarm will go, and this stuff runs all through my house hiding the wires*~

Well we will see what happens in a couple of weeks. I am still debating if I should go give the manager an earful or just let it go.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chicks & Football

Well I figured since today was Sunday, I would talk about football. I football. It’s pretty much the only sport I really can get into. I don’t know what it is about hockey, but unless they are beating the crap out of each other, I don’t want to watch. I can watch baseball, but only if I am at the game.

Alright on to the post. I was watching television the other day and I stumble across lingerie football. I have heard of lingerie football before, when it first came out, due to Denver having a team, Denver Dream, in this league. I really never watched it, just looked it up to see what the chicks would be wearing in order to play this said football. I mean I know it’s lingerie, but what type? So after looking, they wear a bra and panties.

 ~*Abbi Burrows & Melissa Mikkelsen*~

I am thinking to myself, “Self, how the hell are they planning on playing football in that, and for some, with a thong up their ass?!” For some reason I never really looked into how or where they actually played football until the other day when I selected the channel it was playing on. Now the game I was watching was played inside like arena football, but after some research, these girls also play out on the big field.

~*This is where our chicks play. Funny how it is name Dick's Sporting Goods Stadium*~

The game is played in two halves, not the traditional four quarters. There are two minute warning each half, and the halves are seventeen minutes each. Each team gets three time outs. There is no punting and no field goals, but there is kick offs for the opening of each half. When a touchdown is made, the team either gets the chance to score one point from the two yard line or try a two point conversion. I do have to say that this is a very fast paced sport. I think a game lasts less than two hours.

I couldn’t watch much of it, because it was just hand the ball, run and touchdown. Yeah there was some tackling every now and then, but even though the chicks looked cute, I am going to be sticking with my manly football. 

Ladies and men, what are your thoughts, if you really have any, regarding this topic?

Go Broncos!!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bugle you!

~*Disclaimer: Long Post*~

A friend and I decided to take a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday. We figured with it being a weekday, no one would be up there. Plus, today is a free day for National Public Lands Day. Haha, boy were we wrong, it was ubber busy! Maybe due to the color changes to the leaves. Who knows.

 ~*Ooooooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Lala*~

So we get up there to find out that they don't have daily passes, they just have a 7 day pass for the awesome price of $20. I don't find that this 7 day pass is very convenient for those who do not live in Colorado or do not venture up this way very often. I mean it may take a day to view the whole park if you get there early enough. I find this rather annoying. Of course I did find out what some of the entrance fee goes towards.

~*This was nailed to the wall on the outside of the restrooms. I tried not to get a reflection, but it was sooooo shiny!*~

We mainly went there to see the elk. I guess this is the time of year where they are mating with one of their many females they decided to include in their harem or polygamist sect, and bugling a lot. After we pay to get into the park we drive a round for a few hours and see NO wildlife. Okay so I found a chipmunk on a rock.

~*Meet Chumbly the Chipmunk*~

Hillary, my friend, and I continue driving and still find no elk. Oh and Hillary had surgery on her broken foot about 6 weeks ago, so of course driving around for a few hours and not being able to walk much on her foot, she was done for the day. We get about 2 feet out of the park and what do we see? That's right ladies and getns, ELK! They were far away elk though, but we came to see elk and we saw elk. Mind you we saw these elk OUTSIDE of the park that we paid $20 to get in to.

~*The land of the far away elk. This is a picture you will have to click to see*~

So we look at these guys for just a minute, they weren't bugling or doing anything interesting so we left. Driving out of Estes Park Hillary shouts, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK! THERE THEY ARE!" Mind you, I am driving. I slow down, make the turn and there they are on the golf course. Hillary has never been up to those parts of the state, so it was exciting. She moved fast for someone who had a not so good foot. We get up to the elk, there is a fence between us and the elk, and it was awesome. There was a Stud, about 4-5 wannabes, 3-4 cows and 2 calves!

~*This is the stud in all his manlyness. RAWR*~

 ~*These are a few of the wannabes, there were more on the other side of the pond*~

~*This was the only picture I have of one of the cows and the two calves*~

As we are watching the Elk, one of the wannabes starts to come over, of course the stud can't have this and chases him away. He is chasing him towards the fence, the people that are standing at this said fence can see these elk coming towards them yet they just stand there. The wannabe hops the fence, which I didn't get, but the stud comes back over and bugles, like "damn straight MOFO you better get to stepping." I caught this all on video! Wahoo! Make sure to have your sound up so you can hear him bugle! I leave you with this video, and hope that you all have a great weekend.

Bloscar aka The Blogademy Award!!!

This will be post 1 of 2 today, for I woke up and found this on my comments from Me, myself and I: I gave you a blog award!

~*The awesomeness that is the blog award!*~

What?! Who?! Huh?! Yay!!!

When starting this, I never expected a blog award. I expected "This chick is weird and crazy" award. ~*nods*~

Thank you dear Jessica for bestowing this upon me. Made my day, it did. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Alright so in order to accept my award one must:

1. Give credit to the person who bestowed it and post the link to their blog.
2. Pass the award on to 10 new blogs you have discovered.
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10 Blogs that I wish to provide this LOVERLY award too is:

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 ~*This goes out to ALL my followers and readers, who hopefully one day will be followers*~

Friday, September 24, 2010

You suck and not in a good way

Hi if your human and see a trash can and you have a handful of trash and you feel you have the right to throw it on the ground instead of walking a few feet to put it in the trash, well you don’t!

So I get out of my car to go into a place of business and I notice a chick in front of me. She is oddly playing with her keys in one hand, then a piece of paper drops from her hand, she puts her keys in her purse and continues going.

I was going to say “Yo um you dropped some paper” but I knew what she was doing, the freaking litterbug! I am, at this point, past the paper and just staring at this lady. Oh how I wish I got a picture of her. She was wearing red pants and a yellow shirt. I mean really? Ketchup and mustard only looks good on stuff that is edible! Oh for the love of Gingy. Any way, she is walking then looks back and down at the piece of paper that lay in the parking lot all alone. She was going into a place that had trash cans, and I guess the paper must have bit her in order to not hold on for another 30 second to throw it away.

So I go into the place, do what I need to do, and while walking out I spot the piece of paper. I take a picture of it, figured why not I can blog about this!

~*This is the paper. It is a receipt from Whole Foods!!!*~

I then place the paper under the windshield wiper of this stupid bitch’s car. Yes, I am beyond pissed at this point, because there is no excuse for treating the planet like a trash can! No I am not a tree hugger, even though there is nothing wrong with that, but this I am completely against. I don’t want to have to pick up your stupid ass trash, it’s not alive and doesn’t have feelings, that you could have thrown away in a receptacle that is purposely placed for items such as what you dropped onto the ground.

~*Stupid Bitch's car and the WHOLE FOODS receipt!*~

Please, please, please!!! Put your trash where it goes, or it’s going right back where it came from, YOU!

This public service announcement is sponsored by those of us who hate litterbugs and one pissed off chick! Thank you for reading.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Oh how I just ♥ the moon, especially when it is a full one. Tonight  there will be a full moon!

Generally when the full moon happens, it is the excuse for many different things. It gets blamed for people committing murder, robbing, mental illness, accidents, all sorts of more disasters, premature births, best time to catch fish, and most popular, Werewolves. It is crazy what people blame the full moon on.

Well guess what people? Science has proven that the moon is not the reason for you to act stupidly. Haha! You have to fess up and take responsibility for your own actions! Selene will not be your blame toy. She has better stuff to do, like I don't know, be a cool greek goddess of the moon.

~*Selene, the Greek Goddess of the moon*~

So those of you who are out and about today, mingling with people, and they start to act crazy, their eyes getting bigger, their hands growing claws, their mouth getting longer and hair is forming all over, just walk over to them and tell them that they are not proving anything.

~* You will have to click on it to read it. I thought it was funny*~

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's Official!

It is Fall/Autum depending on where you at and what you want to call it!

I am so excited, this is my favorite time of the year. Absolute favorite. The leaves are changing, the temperatures are falling, I can have my window open for the cool refreshing air, not the air that is breathed directly from Satan's mouth into my home. The smell of pumpkin spice filling the room. The leaves changing from that green to yellow, red and orange. Yes, I truly am excited!

~*Ahhhh pure bliss!*~

Okay so enough about how Fall/Autumn is the best damn time of the year, I will show you what the last 2 days of Summer brought my way.

A couple of days ago I see a flash outside my winder, pull up the blinds and it was lightning, oh how I ♥ the lightning, and then, BOOM! the thunder sounded. It was totally awesome! It has been hot here the past few days, almost reaching into the 100's, so rain, even though spelled rain, it spelled relief, just like rolaids doesn't spell relief.

Well needless to say it didn't rain all that much, but I got some cool pictures out of the whole ordeal. Not great pictures for they were taken through the winder.

~*This was as the storm starting*~

I just ♥ the smell of rain, the flash of the lightening and the sound of the thunder. I ♥ storms all together.
~*It started to rain!*~

~*This was the gist of it, not much more after this*~

~*All done, and the sun is trying to peak out once again*~

So I say unto you my fellow followers. What is your favorite time of the year?