Friday, July 22, 2011

Worth Killing For?

~*Warning Graphic Photos*~

Colleen Slemmer, 19, was a pretty blonde girl that was a student at Job Corps in TN along with Christa Pike, 18.

~*Colleen Slemmer*~

Christa Pikes had a boyfriend there by the name of Tadaryl Shipp, 17. Christa thought that Colleen was coming onto Tadaryl and was pretty upset.

~*Christa Pike*~

Christa told Colleen that they should go for a walk. That walk was going to be the last for Colleen.

Christa turned on Colleen stating that she was flirting with her boyfriend Tadaryl and coming on to him. Colleen was pulled to the ground and while being held down by Tadaryl and another one of Christa's friend, Christa decided to use a box cutter and start cutting on Colleen. There was also a mini meat cleaver involved.

Colleen's body was all cut up and Tadaryl carved a pentagram on Colleen's chest. Also, the box cutter was used to slit the throat of Colleen over and over again just like her body. Colleen's neck wound was 6 inches long and so deep that you could see muscle. After all of the torture was over, Christa smashed Colleen's skull in with a piece of concrete and took a piece for a souvenir.

                                                                 ~*Throat slashed*~

Christa was the youngest person on death row at age 21. She is now 35. She is still on death row and was convicted of attempted first degree murder on August 12, 2004 for trying to strangle another inmate.

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