Sunday, February 20, 2011

Usually they ask you to marry them........

~*Warning: Graphic details in this post. You have been warned*~

It was a demon seed and it had to die. The vessel, it's Mother, had to die too. This was the thought of the boyfriend.

 ~*Delmer Anholt*~ 

Delmer and Tara began dating when she was 15 and he was 16. They met through one of Tara's relatives. They both lived in St. Johns, Oregon, but Tara's family was getting ready to move away from their current city. Tara told them that she wasn't moving, but staying there in St. Johns. Delmer's family agreed to let Tara move in with them, so she could finish high school at her current school. Her parents agreed, not after some long thought though.

Delmer started getting into trouble when he hit the 7th grade, to which he started smoking pot and cigarettes. He wasn't a very good student in high school either, and got kicked out. Delmer never graduated. One day Delmer threatened to kill his sister, and this landed him in a detention center. He stayed there for a few months. He was also sent to a school for troubled teens. Also, when he was with Tara he got popped for first degree theft, was on probation and got in trouble again. He then had to spend 14 months in OCI. Tara was right there waiting for him. Being a faithful girlfriend, she would go see him any chance that she had between her waitress jobs and school.

While Tara and Delmer were together, they started sleeping together. This led to unplanned, and aborted pregnancies. Three aborted by professionals and one by Delmer. Delmer would make Tara go and get the abortions. Tara wanted to keep her fourth baby, but Delmer thought it belonged to another man.

Delmer got into an argument with his relatives. The argument was about an inheritance from his Father. Delmer and Tara packed up and decided to go to the family cabin in Long Beach, Washington. They had to hitch-hike along the way, being picked up by two motorists. These rides were confirmed by the drivers themselves.When the second ride dropped Delmer and Tara off, they were in the city of Scappoose in Oregon.

The couple found a barn that had a mattress, some chairs and a table. Delmer stated to the police that the thought of killing Tara was in his mind at that time in the barn, but he lost his knife. Police later found the knife laying next to the mattress. Delmer and Tara decided to leave the barn and they found themselves in inside of a cemetery that was on the opposite side of the street than the barn.

While in the cemetery, Delmer told Tara to confess to God and Jesus. He asked her to do this, because he felt that the baby she was carrying was not his, but of another man, and was a demon seed. Tara refused to confess stating that it was his baby not anyone else's. Since Tara refused to confess, Delmer decided to take care of the demon seed himself.

He didn't do it quickly by any means. He tortured Tara. His hatred was towards the baby, but Tara being the vessel, had to endure the pain since she was still alive. He didn't think to kill Tara and then the baby, oh no, he was heartless. He had tied Tara's ankles to her neck using slip knots. This would make it so that if Tara would struggle it the knots would tighten around her neck and choke her. Tara was eight and a half months pregnant. Delmer drove ten penny spikes, 8-10 inches long and dull at the ends, all the way into Tara's abdomen. Delmer then dug his thumbs into her eye sockets and was moving them around until one of her eyeballs came out of their socket. The eyeballs were gouged way down deep into her sinuses. The eyeball socket situation was witnessed by a police officer that came upon the scene of the torture. Tara's nose was completely cut off. She also had severe burns on her vagina and buttocks. A metal spike was driven into Tara's right pelvic region, and a fishing pole extruded from her vagina. Her buttocks was also placed upon, to which protruded through her flesh, two very large rusty nails. Also, two pieces of fishing rods, and a flare was found in the same place. Tara was alive for most of this torture. By the time the cop showed up, she was dead. The torture also induced labor, but with all the spikes driven into the abdomen, and all the foreign obejcts inside Tara's body, the baby couldn't make it to the vaginal canal and either drowned or suffocated. This all happened on February 14, 1982.

According to Oregon law, Delmer could not be charged with the baby's murder, due to the baby not being born. Delmer Anholt Jr., on May 11, 1982, was convicted for the torture murder of Tara Lee McCarty. He was given life without parole. He is currently in the Oregon State Penitentiary.


Stephanie said...

Ugh. What a sick man. I hate that Oregon doesn't consider an unborn baby to be a living thing. I think we've changed that law by now, and after 5 months you can't get an abortion or anything. I'm not sure though.

Nice to see a post from you, miss. =]

SweetiePea said...

Ewwwwwww! Disturbing and fascinating all at the same time. There should be some sort of genetic testing done on these people.

Wolf said...

Life without parole? They should give him the death sentence!

Anonymous said...

What a sick man.

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BCLilly4life said...

Whoa that is a sad story :(

The Tame Lion said...

A sick man and a sad story. Sigh...