Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday Monday Monday

Well I didn't receive any pictures, that is okay though. I am not one for the camera either to tell you the truth.

I had a great Halloween weekend and a great Halloween.

I had an owl right outside the window last night hooting up a storm, well until someone scared him off. Some cultures say that when an owl is present and hooting, it is a sign of impending doom or death, others say it is a welcoming of good fortune. I am going to go with the good fortune part. After the owl left, the coyotes started howling.

Not much to tell today. Work is going good, can't wait to get out of training and actually start doing the work.

Hope y'all had a great weekend!


Mynx said...

I really know I live in a different part of the world when you start mentioning Coyote. Wow, I would be very spooked

SweetiePea said...

So glad to hear that work is going well. If an owl is good fortune then what do the coyotes howls mean? Ahhh . . . so nice to live in a town and yet be so close to nature at the same time. I love our little Golden.