Sunday, November 7, 2010

Ready or Not, Here I Come...

"Hey there pretty lady, wanna come pose for some pictures? I will give you some money for your troubles. It's just that you look so beautiful, and who could not want to take pictures of you? Oh come on, I wont hurt you, it's just pictures."

On February 15, 1939 a serial killer was born in Esterville Iowa. It is said that Robert Christian Hansen had a hard upbringing. His Father made him work long hours in the family baker and was also very strict. Robert suffered severe acne and, for his age, was considered very small. He had a stuttering problem, and his parents forced him to be right handed, even though he was born left handed. He did graduate High School. He wasn't much of a "friend" person. Went he graduated, he went into the Army. He would spend the time working in the family bakery and also devote one weekend a month to the Army. In 1960, Robert married a local girl.

~*Robert C. Hansen*~ 

Robert was accused of perceived abuses by citizens of Pocohantas Iowa, and decided to burn down the school bus garage. Robert's friend turned him in and he was sentenced to three years, only to serve 20 months. Robert's wife wasn't' having any of that, and immediately filed for divorce. When he was released, Robert met another chick and married her in 1963. After living a life of crime in Iowa, Robert decided to make a new start and moved to Alaska.

He was adorned in Alaska. Everyone treated him with respect and treated him well. He was considered a great outdoorsman by the people of Anchorage. His den was filled with the mounts of some of the animals that the hunted. He also had some animals entered into the world books of Pope & Young's trophy hunting. All the positivity was short lived though, for Robert was arrested in 1977 for stealing a chainsaw. He was sentenced to 5 years, and after having a customary mental evaluation done by the prison psychiatrist, it was determined that Robert was bi-polar and needed to be on lithium. The courts never enforced this, and Robert was released after serving one year. In the 80's, Robert was awarded $13,000 for a burglary that happened at his home. Robert used the money to open up a bakery, to support his wife and their two children. His bakery flourished, and Robert was known as a respected member of the community.

Sherry Morrow was a dancer for the Wild Cherry Bar, which was located in downtown Anchorage. Her body was found with three gunshots wounds caused by a .223 caliber bullet. She was blindfolded at the time of death, and was last seen on November 17, 1981. She left the bar with a man offering her money to pose for pictures. Two other females were found in the 80's. One has yet to be identified, and so she was named Eklutna Annie, the other was a topless dancer by the name of Joanne Messina. Both bodies were badly decomposed, and no evidence was present. When things started to calm down, another body was found. She was a 17 year old prostitute and topless dancer. She too was found with bullet wounds caused by a .223 caliber bullet. She had gone missing about 5 months prior to her being discovered.

~*Sherry Morrow & Paula Goulding/Malai Larsen & Sue Luna*~

~*Tamara Pederson & Lisa Futrell/unidentified victim dubbed "Eklutna Annie" she is still unidentified*~

 On June 13, 1983, a trucker was driving down the road when he noticed a chick freaking out and wailing her arms, trying to get his attention. The trucker pulled over and discovered that the chick had handcuffs dangling from one arm and her clothes were all a wreck. She told the trucker that some crazed lunatic was after her and to please take her to the Big Timber Motel. The trucker, freaked out I am sure, obliged and took her to where she requested. She asked the front desk clerk to make a call for her to her pimp. Her pimp? Really? At least the trucker was smart enough, and drove to the Anchorage Police Department and reported the incident.

The cops arrived at the motel and the chick was still there with the handcuffs still dangling from one arm. She then began to tell her story. She stated that some dude came up to her and offered her $200.00 to have her perform oral sex on her. Guess she wasn't pretty enough for pictures? Any way, she agreed and while she was performing, mid-way through the dude slapped handcuffs on her and also brandished a gun. He told her that if she went along with all he requested, she would live. He took her to his house, brutally raped her. She said that he bit her nipples pretty hard and also molested her with a hammer. He told her that he was taking her to his cabin, but again, if she did everything he said he would let her go. He loaded her into a small plane, and while he was loading supplies, she opened the door and ran for her life. The dude chased after her, but gave up when she saw the trucker stop.

The cops took the chick to the airport so she could identify her kidnapper's airplane. Once she pointed it out, they did a check and it came back to belonging to Robert C. Hansen. When the cops showed up at Robert's door, he denied the accusations stating that he had no idea who she was and she probably just wanted money. He also stated "You can't rape a prostitute can you?" The cops checked Robert's alibi of him and his family vacationing in Europe, and it checked out and charges were not filed. Robert was still on the minds of the authorities though for being their suspect. Eventually, Robert's friends broke down after police told them that they too would be held responsible. They stated that they were not with Robert on the days he said they were, and they also found the "stolen" goods from the burglary Robert claimed happened, in Robert's basement. They got search warrants but they were not finding anything tied to the murders, that is until they found a hidden space up in the attic. Up in that space was the gun used to murder the women and some ID cards that belonged to some of the murdered women.

It was a game of cat and mouse when Robert was brought down to the police headquarters. He at first denied all charged, but then realized he would lose in court. He check marked grave sites on a map, but the police stated that it would have been impossible to locate them based on Robert's check marks, so they flew him out so he could walk them to all the grave sites. After all was said and done, 12 grave sites, all of unknown women, were discovered. Robert described abducting the chicks, telling them they would live if they cooperated, and flew them to his cabin. When they were at his cabin, he would brutally rape and torture the chicks, blind fold them, strip them naked and turn them loose in the woods. He would then hunt them down using a knife or his high powered rifle. He stated, "it was like going after a grizzly bear or a trophy Dall sheep."

After he described what he had done, most everyone took to remembering "The Most Dangerous Game" by writer Richard Connell. Robert is basically serving a life sentence, and is currently housed at Spring Creek Correctional Center.

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GoofyGirl said...

I love your blog posts.

Anonymous said...

O_o Dammit I was in Anchorage! Scary to think about stuff like that happening.

That and my dad has some pretty gruesome stories from his cop days.

Brian Miller said...

snap...some scary people out there..and some crazy circumstances in how they get caught...boy did she get lucky...

SY said...

this kind of creep makes you fear leaving the house. Great and terrifying story.

and it shows the dangers of the career choice of prostitution... Men like this don't value prostitute lives.

BCLilly4life said...

SY: I agree with you very scary

Nice blog post again. (: thanks for sharing. (: The more I read your blogs the more I want to be more careful who I talk to.