Saturday, December 4, 2010

"For me, life without killing is like life without food for you"

~*Graphic photo in this post*~

Born on April 9, 1974, Alexander Yuryevich "Sasha" Pichushkin was a well known chess player in Moscow's Bitsevsky Park. He described his first kill like the feeling of a first love. He wanted to outdo the number of murders that Andrei Chikalito had committed, 52, during 1982 to 1994. He is also known in Russia as the chessboard killer. Why the chessboard killer you ask? Well because he would mark off a square every time he would kill someone.

Alexander was said to be a very nice and friendly young man. He was found by a neighbor, crying in a stairwell where he lived, because of the death of his cat. Alexander lived with his aging Mother in the flat that he was raised in from birth. He worked in a nearby supermarket. His Mother stated that she noticed a change in her dear boy, when at the age 4 he was hit on the head with a swing. She also stated that he didn't handle the sudden death of his Grandfather and of a pet dog that Alexander had. Alexander was said to have anger issues over the sudden death of his Grandfather and was royally  pissed off for "abandoning" him just like his Dad did when he was younger.

When he turned 18, yeah that's when you are considered an adult and no longer an innocent child, he made his first kill. He had a crush, and this crush had a boyfriend, well not for long, Alexander took care of that. The boy was found in his apartment, dead of course. The chick he was in love with was also found dead some time later, authorities later thought it could have been Alexander that committed this murder. This was the last murder for Alexander until 2001.

The year of 2001, Alexander decided to go ahead and start murdering again, which spanned over five years to 2006 when he was caught. Alexander would go play chess in the park and then invite his opponents to go and have a drink with him. The drink of choice, um let's not try to hard, Vodka. Usually the opponents were elderly homeless men, that when drunk would be hit over the head with a hammer, and then being the environmentalist that he thought he could have been, he would stick the vodka bottles into the victim's skulls just to make sure that they were not going to live after being hit over the head with a hammer repeatedly.

Alexander did kill three women and one child. One woman was found to have stakes driven through her skull and even around her eyes. A female was the last of his victims. However, most of his victims, as stated above, were that of elderly homeless men. He stated that he would strike from behind so he would not get blood on his clothes. He also stated that some deaths were not the result of a hammer to the head, but throwing them into the sewers under the park. He stated that he felt like the Father to all his victims, for when he killed them he opened a door for them into another world.

~*Not sure if this is the one with the stakes in her skull, but was one of his victims*~

On October 24, 2007, Alexander was convicted of 48 of 49 murders, and 3 attempted murders. He did ask the court to add 11 more murders to his count, which brought the total of murders to 60 and the 3 surviving victims. Needless to say, he wasn't able to mark off all the squares on his chessboard. He was given life in prison, but his first 15 years to be served in solitary confinement. There was some moratorium established in 1996, so capital punishment in Russia was abolished. This man will die in prison.


Anonymous said...

This is horrible, but I'm glad that you're back to making me educated on these things!

GoofyGirl said...

I've missed these posts! Not all that sure what that says about me, but ... you really do choose some great topics.

BeMistified said...

Awww thanks ladies!

Says that you are pure coolness :D

Oh,fuck it. said...

awesome post,creepy but awesome!!!

Alan Myers said...

Watch the Movie Bronson sometime. Its based on a true story. You can find it on netflix watch instantly or for rent. This article reminded me of it

Pagan Sphinx said...

Sickos like this one make me, an otherwise peaceful person, wonder if their life should be spared. I've struggled with the death penalty issue for years. Some people are just born evil.

SweetiePea said...

The death penalty would be too humane for a person like this. I think solitary confinement is awesome.

BCLilly4life said...

what a sicko!!