Sunday, December 5, 2010

Hey hey hey, Goodbye!

Well I lost another follower. Haha!

I guess murder and mayhem isn't their forte during the holiday seasons maybe?

I have dropped 4 in the last few months. Eh that's alright, I am here to entertain those who wish to be.

Thank you dear followers who have not abandoned me...........yet. :)

Not sure why I write such posts when I do not care about those who do not follow. Hmmmmmm.

Just remember though those of you who are here:


Mynx said...

people come and people go, in life and in blog world. And I truly believe it isnt always the quantity but the quality that counts. Big hugs

Oh,fuck it. said...

thank you for the card!!!!! :)
I plan to stick around!!

Anonymous said...

I lost one as well. Maybe they were mutual between us both and all they did was delete their account. If not, I'd say get a life but really don't sweat it.

DuckieSteph said...

What?? Not like murder and mayhem?? What's wrong with them?! Haha.

Thanks for the cool card. Can I print it out and post it at my desk at work? =D

BeMistified said...

Aww thanks y'all!!!

Their loss right?

We rock!

Duckie: Are you being serious right now? Of course you can!

LB @ brokenwoodenspoon said...

Well you gained one here. Screw 'em, you can't everybody happy. Look at my blog....I bet on who's gonna die this year hahah. Morbid? NOT!

That's for visiting my blogs and commenting which led me to yours. Great stuff!

Terry Stonecrop said...

I thought it was rude, a faux pas, to stop following people - even if you're not really following them. The blogspher is, in many ways, a strange place.

Sorry I missed your murder and mayhem;)

SweetiePea said...


DuckieSteph said...

I would be completely serious if I had a desk, haha. Buuut I can give one to my boss. He'd laugh his ass off, I'm sure.

I work in a small mom and pop shop haha. I'm the only employee besides my boss and his wife. =D

Anonymous said...

I'm here to stay BM. I love the eeriness and the murder and such. I don't know why but it's awesome.

Sandra said...

You really lost followers? I'm sure it must be a glitch with Blogger, because there's nothing about you not to love! And really, who takes the time to "unfollow"? Do people really have that much time on their hands....I say this, yet look at me sitting her at 12:30am blogging my heart out...still, unfollowing?...that's ridiculous.