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William here nor Hare

Mr. Burke was originally from Ireland. He was a militia servant there in Ireland, and well, he really got sick of it so he decided to leave his wife and kids and move to Scotland in or around 1817. He decided to work for the Navy for the Union Canal. He then went all cool and stuff and decided that he was way too cool for the Union Canal and started doing some cobbling, a little bit of the baking, did some weaving and was a laborer type of guy. When he was in the Navy he met a new chick, Helen M'Dougal.


Mr. Hare also came from Ireland, and he too moved to Scotland. He chilled and was working as a laborer as well, though he stayed being that for a minute and wasn't all up in changing jobs like Burke. Mr. Hare then moved over to Edinburgh where he met some dude named Logue. Mr. Logue had a lodging house. Logue died and Hare married Logue's widow Margaret. She continued chill and keep the lodging house running. Mr. Hare worked in the canal.


Oh yeah there is a movie by the name of Burke and Hare. Just FYI.
Burke and Helen moved into the area where the lodging house was kept by Margaret. They all became the bestest of best friends. Yay! They were such good friends that they all became body sellers and murderers.

The first body to be sold was someone that died of natural causes that was all chillaxing up in the lodging house. He owed rent so instead of filling the coffin with the body, they filled it with bark and took the body for a ride to Edinburgh University. They sold it to some famous anatomist by the name of Dr. Knox. The next victim was some sick dude that they got drunk with whiskey and then suffocated him.

~*Dr. Knox*~

Well they ran out of tenants, so they ventured out. What's in your wallet? I digress. They found some chick collecting pensions and invited her inside of the lodging house. They too got her drunk and then suffocated her. They got paid for her body as well.

A chick was getting arrested by the police, but Burke claimed that he knew her and they released her to Burke's custody. Her body showed up at the medial school just hours later. Then an elderly chick and her grandson, that was blind, were the next ones to go. They OD'd the Gma on painkillers, but Hare took the young blind boy and stretched him over his knee and then broke his back, no not the movie, literally broke the poor kids back. They were eventually sold to the Dr.

They went after prostitutes and a mentally handicap kid. When they sold the prostitute and boys body to the Dr., some of the Dr.'s students said that they recognized the bodies. The last victim, Marjory, was lured to the house by Burke. Burke was not able to kill the young lady right away, for there were two lodgers at the home at the time. When the lodgers, Ann and James Gray left for a night out, the neighbors stated they heard a struggle coming from the house.

Ann tried to go to her bed to get her stockings, but became suspicious when Burke would not let her go near the bed. The Gray's were left alone in the house later that night, and of course went straight for the bed. They found the body of Marjory. They ran off to tell the police, but ran into Burke's female companion, M'Dougal who tried to shut them up by bribing them. They totally refused and went about to go fetch the fellow officers.

Burke and Hare removed the body of Marjory, however because Burke and M'Dougal's stories didn't add up, they were arrested. Then someone said something about the Dr. and his shinanigans, and the police showed up to the medical center and found Marjory's body, to which Mr. Gray identified. Mr. and Mrs. Hare were arrested long long after. The killing portion lasted about a year.

So there really wasn't much evidence against the four peeps, so some Lord told Hare that he would gather immunity if he totally snitched on Burke. So guess what? Hare turned on Burke and Burke was hanged and Hare walked. Burke was totally dissected publicly at the medical college. Burke's blood was used by the dissecting professor to write "This is written with the blood of William Burke, who was hanged at Edinburgh. This blood was taken from his head." There is a museum at the college where Burke's skeleton, death mask and items made from his skin are on display. Yummy!

The two chicks, M'Dougal and Mrs. Hare, went free. M'Dougal died in or around 1868. Mrs. Hare pretty much vanished off the face of the Earth. Burke was said to have been thrown into a lime pit and became a blind beggar, but that has not been proven.

The Dr. went free due to Burke stating that the Dr. had no idea about the origin of the bodies that he was buying. He continued to buy bodies from "body snatchers" but some act called the Anatomy act passed and he became less popular and died at a Cancer hospital in 1862.


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