Sunday, December 12, 2010

Stockings Stuffed With Ears And Fingers

Dennis Nilsen was born on November 23, 1945 in Fraserburgh, Scotland. Dennis really ♥ed his Grandfather, however, his Grandfather died when Dennis was 6. His Mother took him to see his dead Grandfather, but the thing is, she never told him that he died. Dennis believes that this situation is the reason why he ♥ed the corpses of those he killed.

~*Dennis Nilsen*~

Dennis did not exhibit any type of stereo-typical actions that have been tied to men who become serial killers. In fact he hated, and was horrified, by the cruelty that was caused to people or animals by others. Dennis enlisted in the army in 1961, became a cook and learned butchery.

Denis was a loner, and pretty much kept to himself. He would lay in front of a mirror, pretend he was unconscious and would masturbate to the thought of the unconscious body. It got to a point where he was actually using make-up to make his body look completely dead, which turned him on even more.

Dennis lived with a roommate, who was kicked out a few years later, to which he moved out of and moved into a flat. A year after the roommate was kicked out is when the murders started happening. Dennis would usually pick up men, and boys, at the local pubs.

~*The house with the garden and where the first murder took place*~

The first murder victim was a fourteen year old boy named Stephen Homes. Dennis brought Stephen home, they slept together and then Dennis realized that when Stephen awoke he would leave, and Dennis didn't want to be alone. So Dennis found a tie and strangled Stephen into unconsciousness. Knowing Stephen was not dead, Dennis got a bucket full of water and held his head in there until the bubbles stopped coming. Dennis then washed Stephen's hair and put him into his bed. He was going to cut up the body, but instead he dressed him up. Dennis was alone for Christmas, but wasn't going to be alone for New Years. Dennis masturbated onto the corpse, and then the corpse was stuffed under the floor boards for 7 1/2 months, until is was burnt to ash.

~*Floor boards of where the bodies were stored & The bathroom where they bodies were dismembered*~

Dennis continued this murderous necrophiliac rampage for a little over four years. He would try to have sex with the corpses, he would dismember them, he would boil their body parts, he would stuff the body parts any where he had room. He had a garden in the first house he lived in, and would spread the body parts out in the garden. He would even put some body parts into garbage bags and just discard them down the road. When Dennis moved into the flat, he would still store the boy parts any where and every where he had room, but he started flushing body parts down the toilet too.

 ~*The tools that Dennis would use to dismember & cook the body parts*~

Dennis was finally caught because of the flushing body parts and flesh down the toilet. The 5 other tenants that lived in the same building started complaining about their toilets not flushing properly. When the maintenance man didn't have the proper tools, he hired a professional. That is when they went into the sewer system and found the lumps of flesh and body parts, which mysteriously disappeared the night they were discovered. Police then were involved, traced the flesh and body parts to Dennis' flat, and were waiting for him when get got off of work. He gave himself up and confessed.

~*The house that the flesh was flushed down the toilet & bags found in the closet*~

On Thursday, November 3rd 1983, Dennis was found guilty of murder and sentenced to life, with a possibility of parole in 25 years. He was not paroled, all of his appeals have ran out and he will be in prison for the rest of his life.


SweetiePea said...

Now the question is . . . did he get paroled????? Icky, Spooky, cool stuff.

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I forgot to add that to the end! I updated the end of the blog. :) No he did not.

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I don't know if I've mentioned this on this blog already: have you read Zombie by Joyce Carol Oates?

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I'lllll be hoooome for Christmaaas... wait. What? =]

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Thanks for the eery story. I don't know why I like it so much!

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OH NO!! and a merry christmas to you too!!

pretty scary...but not surprising. the world is full of sicko' this guy!! :((

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that is just creepy.

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