Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never Say "I'll Be Right Back"

We got our refreshments and headed in to find a seat. Everyone decided that the middle was the best spot, can’t blame them because it is. You don’t want to sit too close so you strain your back, and you don’t want to sit too far away so you have to squint to see the screen. Okay well it’s a pretty big screen, so you might not have to squint.

Personally, I feel I pay way to much to watch ten minutes of previews, especially if they are for movies that have nothing related to the movie that you are about to watch. If you are going to a horror film, I don’t want to see a preview for an “Eat, Pray, Love” type of movie. Show me some cool horror movies that are going to be coming out, if there are none, then quit wasting my fracking time with previews!

So I went to see Paranormal Activity 2. I do have to say that the first one was pretty freaky. It did have the typical "Oh my gosh I heard something, I better go alone and see what it is" or "Oh I just played with a dangerous object that some people say summons ghosts. Oh there is a knock at the door, I am a teenager babysitting alone, I better go see what it is" type of thing going on. Usually the chicks were the ones that were home and checking all the things that "go bump in the night."
 ~*Scene from the movie, well an added touch*~

It takes a lot to scare me with horror movies though, so I have really high expectations when watching this genre. Number two, I thought, out did number one. That is the way that it should be though right? They left it open for a number three, so we will see. It was funny to look around and see everyone jumping and screaming. I, eating my popcorn, feel that I got two forms of entertainment for the price of one. Most of the audience was chicks. It was one guy for every five chicks I swear.

~*I was maybe eight or nine when I first saw this movie. It made me laugh.*~

I would definitely say that if you are a horror movie fan, this is one to see. If you have not seen the first, then make sure you do that before seeing the second or some scenes won’t make sense to you. It is a ghost movie, so no blood and guts for you “sensitive” types. It would be wise to bring someone with you to dig your claws into or to have an ear to scream into. I give it 4 stars out of 5, but again, I am hardcore when it comes to horror films.


LilPixi said...

I commend you, and all my friends who can handle these movies. I am the biggest wuss on earth when it comes to horror films. Just the commercials could destroy my night, and in the words of a Yellaphant "Scary movies ruin my life" lol. They really do.

Anonymous said...

I like the classic alford hithcock types of movies. I can do the Freddy, Myers or Jason but that's about it. Oh and "Killer Clowns from Outerspace."

Btw, Ill be right back.....

Sandra said...

I would not, could not watch that movie! I'd be jumping at the least little sound for YEARS! I swear I still expect to hear "Have you checked on the kids?" when the phone rings late at night!
I did laugh when you said that you don't want to see a preview of Eat,Pray,Love right before a horror movie. You kind of have a point there!

Copyboy said...

Would you think ill of me if I actually was a little frightened watching P1? BTW...made you blog of the day.

BeMistified said...

LP: Lol it's all good. Horror movies are not for everyone

TPR: Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sandra: I guess it all depends on if you believe in that stuff or not, or if you expect it to happen so when it does it doesn't seem so frightening

CB: I would not think ill of you at all! Wow blog of the day? That is totally awesome! Thanks!

Greg said...

I haven't watched a horror flick in years,they just got to predictable. I like you laughed at the exorcist.

It is fun to watch everyone else jump though..

Rico Swaff said...

The movies that freak me out the most are the ones that aren't totally far-fetched. Slasher movies don't do much to me other than make me laugh a bit. Cape Fear on the other hand had me shaking in my loafers.

Damn The Broccoli said...

There's not been a decent horror movie for years. The last half decent one was the remake of The Ring, but that still lost a lot of the original.

Can't say I agree with the exorcist being under comedy. It is tame for this day and age but it is still one of the mightiest films made. Everything you see was done in camera, there was no luxury of CGing in something to make up for lame production, and there are some amazing uses of silence and sound, first time I saw it I nearly shat myself at a phone ringing!

Gotta agree about the trailers though, they annoy me at the best of time as do the incessant adverts. We pay enough to go see a film over here, don't give me all that other shit I don't want.