Friday, October 29, 2010

More Than One Soul Dies In Aokigahara

~*Disclaimer: Disturbing Photos In This Post*~

So it's been told that the Golden Gate Bridge is the number one place to take your own life. Maybe it's because it is such a pretty view before you go, I have no idea. Please realize that I am not taking light about suicide, just providing information regarding a place that people feel is their last to visit.

Let us all travel to Japan. Japan is a very beautiful country. It is where Mount Fuji is located, which is a very big tourist attraction. It is also the nation with the highest suicide rate. Many flock to this place for it wonder and beauty. Most do not think about going there to end their life in the forest that is located below Mount Fuji.

~*Mount Fuji*~

Aokigahara aka Suicide Forest, is "a perfect place to die." This description was taken out of a book, The Complete Manual of Suicide, which was being carried by some of the people who took their own lives in this forest. Another book that people say contribute to the suicide decision is Kuroi Jukai, which has a romantic ending about couple committing joint suicide. I have no idea what makes that so romantic. Guess I would have to read the book. You walk into the forest and you are greeted with signs, "Please Reconsider" and "Please contact the police before you decide to die" and "Life is a precious gift from your parents." Well I guess if it is the police or the parents that caused his person to think that this form was the only way out, those signs are not going to help.

 ~*Aokigahara & The sign talking you out of taking your life*~ 

Spiritualists in Japan feel that the suicides have soaked into the trees of the forest causing paranormal activity to grasp a hold of a person and not let them wander back out. Aokigahara is considered the most haunted place in Japan. People feel that it is a place of purgatory for those lost souls who may have regrets about what they did, and their pain is heard with the wind.

 ~* Bones of those who took their own lives*~

There are people whose jobs it is, is to clean up the bodies that are in this forest. There is a spare room that the forest workers put these suicide corpses in. The workers then play "rock, paper, scissors" to see who gets to be the one that sleeps with the corpses that night. The reason someone needs to sleep in the same room, is because most of the Japanese feel that is is very bad luck for the corpse to be left alone. They say if the corpse is left alone, the ghost of the dead will scream all through the night, and the corpse will walk on it's own throughout the building. It is said that over 100 bodies are cleaned up from this place a year.

 ~*Decomposing bodies in Aokigahara*~

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Just Plain Tired said...

I never would have thought a book entitled "The Complete Manual of suicide" would be even written, much less read. And a romantic suicide? That oddly strikes me funny, sadly so, but funny nonetheless.

SweetiePea said...

It's ironic that there is a sucicide manual. I mean how helpful can it be? The person who wrote it is obviously alive and so they haven't been successful. Weird.

Damn The Broccoli said...

I remember reading about this place some time ago. Much can be said about the nature of the culture that holds failure in such poor regard that those who suffer feel moved to take there own lives.

Many of the suicides are business men or were before things went south for them.

However the cultures of the east are steeped with 'honourable death' in one way or another. We measure suicide differently and western cultures struggle to bridge the gap.

It's an interesting thing when you consider it!