Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lizzie Borden took an axe or was it a hatchet?

~*Disclaimer: explicit photos*~

The date was Thursday, August 4, 1892, at approximately 11:00 AM at 92 Second Street in Fall River, Massachusetts. It was a hot day that day, reaching well over 100, and it wasn't even noon. On this date, at this address, in this city and state, two bodies were discovered covered massively in blood. Both were struck in the head multiple times, the injuries caused by a hatchet. In the Borden's house, three hatchets were found. One of them had dried cows blood and hair on it. The person being charged with the murders was Lizzie Borden.

~*Lizzie Borden*~

The day before the murders, it is said that Lizzie tried to buy prussic acid from the local drug store. The pharmacist wouldn't provide it to Lizzie because she didn't have a prescription. Abby had stated that she and her husband had been violently ill throughout the night and was concerned about excessive vomiting. Also, Lizzie visited a friend and told her that someone threatened her father and she was worried. Possibly laying out her alibi?

Abby Borden was the step-mother of Lizzie Borden. Abby was killed prior to her husband. Abby suffered fifteen blows to the head from the back, thirteen of them crushed her skull. Not forty whacks as the rhyme states.

~*Abby, Abby with the bed removed, back of her head and her skull*~ 

Andrew Borden was the father of Lizzie Borden. Andrew suffered nineteen blows to the head, not forty one as the rhyme states. All blows were made to his face and head, four of them crushed his skull. One eye was cut in half and his nose was severed. This all happened while he slept on his favorite couch.

 ~*Andrew, the favorite couch, photo from the autopsy and his skull*~

Lizzie stated that she had gone out to the barn to look for something. Some sources say she went to look for some iron some say she was looking for wire to go fishing. However, the police didn't buy it, for when they went to the barn, they saw dust every where and it did not look disturbed by any footprints. Few days later Lizzie was seen by a family friend, Miss Russel, burning her dress stating she had gotten paint on it and that it was useless.

The trial began on June 5, 1893. Lizzie Borden was charged with three counts of murder. One charge for the murder of Andrew Borden, one charge for the murder of Abby Borden and one charge for the murder of both Andrew and Abby. It only lasted for fourteen days, ending on June 20, 1893. Lizzie was found not guilty for the murders of her father and her step-mother.

Lizzie died on June 1, 1927. She was 67 years old dying from complications following a gall bladder surgery. Her sister died nine days later after falling down the stairs at her house. Both sisters were buried together in the family plot.


Damn The Broccoli said...

You know I could have sworn after the second set of photos that said couch potato!

Maybe it is time to get my eyes checked!

Anonymous said...

There's a rhyme relating to this? O_o

I didn't know, I'll look it up!


Alpha Za said...

Wow.....that's one hell of a bashing job.

I'd have blamed vampires. It'd have totally worked back then....and now come to think of it.

Just Plain Tired said...

She was considered by many of the time, like we consider OJ Simpson of our time, guilty with no conviction.

Absinthe Fairy said...

Lizzie Borden took an axe
And gave her mother forty whacks.
When she saw what she had done
She gave her father forty-one.

A skipping rope rhyme.

SweetiePea said...

I watched a documentary once about this case. It was quite interesting. They explored a theory (based on some of her diary entries and other sources)that perhaps Lizzie was dare I say it . . . a lesbian and that her parents disapproved. And that may have been a motive.

GoofyGirl said...

her family's house is near me... and it's a B&B.... would YOU want to stay there? NO.

That house is right up there with the creeptasticness of the house in Amity NY. (been there too... doesn't feel right, AT ALL)

If memory serves me right, I recall a story about a friend of hers (possibly the maid? I just don't remember) that some claim committed the crime... because the other claim was that her & Lizzie were lovers. Almost makes me want to research it, just to know... ALMOST.

Rhiaine McCaffrey said...

I'm currently doing a play in school called 'A Memory of Lizzie'
The information on this is very interesting and could be useful for me during the performance of the play.

In the play there is another rhyme:
Lizzie Borden took an axe,
and gave her mother forty whacks,
then she hid behind the door,
and gave her father forty more,
matthew, mark, luke and john,
next door neighbor carry on.