Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Sparkly Vampire Here

~*Disclaimer: Graphic Details*~

~*They just don't*~

In 1560, Elizabeth was born into a rich family, never had a want in the world. She was a very beautiful child. She had kings, prime ministers and cardinals for relatives. She also had those relatives liked to have fun with black arts, being sluts, being lesbians *totally frowned upon in that day in age.* These people knew how to party and had the royalties in which to do so.

 ~*portrait of Countess Elizabeth (Erzs├ębet)*~

When Elizabeth was 15, she became the wife of Count Ferencz Nadasdy. Nadasdy had a reputation of being a fierce warrior and went by the nickname of “The Black Hero of Hungary.” They got married and moved to a kick ass castle that was surrounded by farmlands to which were worked by farmhands that were very suspicious. The castle was called Castle Csejthe, which chilled in the Carpathian Mountains.

 ~*Count Ferencz Nadasdy*~

Since Elizabeth married a Count, she became Countess Elizabeth. She wasn’t very happy with her married life. She wasn’t happy that she was very isolated. Her husband would come and go literally. Wham bam thank you Ma’am, now I am off to go fight. They produced 4 children. Yeah she totally turned into a slut, invited men over all the time to sleep with. She even established herself as a cruel mistress, laughing at the fact that peasants were afraid of her.

Elizabeth was into torturing her female slaves. She would beat them and use cruel methods taught to her by her lesbian aunt. She would also use the numerous torture tools that her husband would bring back from his adventures.

Elizabeth’s husband died in 1600, she gave her kids away to relatives, and totally turned psycho. Elizabeth was always conceited. She was very vain and self-centered. She was now 40 and saw her looks declining. It was said at this time, she had a taste for blood. One of her maids totally pissed her off, so Elizabeth smacked her, blood from the maid fell on Elizabeth’s hand, and when she went to wipe it away, she swore that her skin was smoother. So the maid was killed, her blood put into the bathtub and Elizabeth bathed in it.

So for the next ten years, loyal accomplices would bring unmarried maidens to Elizabeth. They would help Elizabeth extract the blood from the bodies by using gruesome methods. Fingers were cut off, bodies were beat until they were as black as night, veins were slit with scissors, red hot pokers were shoved into mouths and noses, mouths pulled on so hard the sides split, girls were stabbed all over with needles, flesh torn open with pincers, the skin between the fingers were slit open. Even when she was sick, she would make her servants bring girls to her beside to torture. Girls were chained up in the dungeon and fattened up because the Countess though this would give them more blood. She also made the girls perform deviant sexual acts, if they didn’t react or reacted in disgust, it was off with their head or other body parts. Some girls were made to strip flesh off of their own bodies, or some were shoved in small cages with spikes.

 ~*I could have totally escaped from that*~

When you kill peasant chicks, no one cared at that time, excuses were made. However, when you start killing Aristocratic chicks, it gets noticed. So when the Countess killed a daughter of an important man, and then tried to stage it as a suicide, it was noticed. The King then okay’d the raid of the castle and of course many body parts, bones and bodies were found. The Countess was charged, and convicted, of 80 counts of murder, though a letter from the king indicated there could have been at least 300 victims. Also, there was a “diary” that the Countess kept that named and detailed information on more than 650 females.

The Countess was sentenced to stay in her rooms at the castle, with all entrances and all windows walled up. She could not be executed because of the family she was born into. There were tiny slits made, however, for food to be passed through to her and for air. The Countess died when she was 53-54.


GoofyGirl said...

woah. just woah.
oh, and ICK!
damn good post though!

Damn The Broccoli said...

Can't say I am fond of the whole sparkly thing, although it was a refreshing idea in a sadly very stale genre. I have ideas I keep meaning to write down but I never get far before they seem the same old tat as well so why bother.

What an odd little tale!

Anonymous said...

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Stories Inc. said...

Oh my God... She was one f***ed up little puppy...

SweetiePea said...

A bit loopy that one.

Murphyfish said...

Ah the mad ones are always the most fun, although perhaps a little too mad this one. Riveting post me dear.

Anonymous said...

I am sooooooo turned on right now....

Anonymous said...

LOL Phoenix.

That is some fucked up shit...I nearly puked because I could just imagine what was happening.

Mynx said...

Saw this story on the Tv the other day. Gross but rivetting. Amazing how power and status protected her until she got too greedy.

Oh btw, Hi, I just found you and I think I will come back again. Great post.

NancyLove said...

I read up on Elizabeth a long time ago.. and even though she did cruel and gruesome things.. I can't help but love her <3

BeMistified said...

GG: Thanks!

DTB: Yeah, I don't get sparkly either

EM: Thank you for the information =)

SI: Oh yeah.

SP: :)

MF: She was interesting though for sure :)

TPR: Oh this is why I like that you follow and comment you weird sick puppy. :P

TAD: All of them were alive when she was doing that crap! Ugh!

Mynx: Hello! Thanks for stopping by :)

NL: She is very intriguing for sure.

Brian Miller said...

holy intriguing...smiles.

Anonymous said...

This was more entertaining than the History channel. Even though I'm not really the type to read up on vampires, I actually enjoyed this post.

BeMistified said...

Brian: :)

Alee: Wow thanks!

Just Plain Tired said...

Quite the story, and evidently not the type of girl you "took home to mother."

forestwalk/laura k said...


i remember hearing about this blood bathing lady...a looong time ago...thanks for the refresher...a good gruesome october tale! :]