Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In our town of Halloween

As you know from the previous post of Spalding, I was the one that people came to in our department when there was a competition.

So it was October and the party committee, which I was not on by the way, was told that the competition was going to be to decorate a cubicle with a max of using two cubicles. Being that Halloween is my most favoritest of all holidays, who else to turn to but me.

I am racking my brain, thinking what can I do to make this totally awesome?! Then it clicked. I will turn the two desks that I have obtained for this competition into a cemetery.

Of course I go all out. I buy ghosts, headstones, spiders, spider webs, skulls, skeleton hands and peat moss. Yes peat moss.

~*This is the finished product*~

Personally, I really think this was my best decorating that I have done. The whole call center through, was filled with spider webs down the rows. It was awesome.

~*click to make bigger. Dirt and peat moss. I am a genius!*~

Alas though I didn't win. Someone half assed decorated a desk and then had someone hide underneath it. When the judges came the person jumped out and scared them, so that's what helped them win. Oh well, it seems like you always get "ahead" when one is under the desk. Haha!

Can't wait for Halloween, Helloween, Samhain or the Devil's Holiday whichever you like to call it!


Anonymous said...

awesome Halloween project!!!!you are really good in doing stuff like these, <3 COOL work,

Simple Dude said...

I absolutely love Halloween - probably my favorite holiday. Unfortunately my current workplace would never allow such shenanigans but it would be awesome.

Gotta get to work on a costume idea for this year!


SweetiePea said...

Ahhh, yes Samhain will be upons soon. SOOO can't wait. That and Yule are my my favorite Sabbats.

It's cool that you got to work somewhere they let you blow off some steam and be creative once in a while. We NEVER get to do that kind of stuff here. My boss is majorly stuck up.

Anonymous said...

Sweet.. Morticia Adams

Just Plain Tired said...

Definitely an awesome display of Halloween. And I caught that "under the desk" innuendo, I'm smart like that, naturally. ;)