Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Another Brick In The.......

Imagine sitting in class and noticing a black figure go across the door way. You are sitting at the back of the class, which is by the door. It creeps you out a little bit, but you thinking nothing on it. It was probably just one of the teachers or another student. You look forward, and notice that the black figure is now just standing there, looking at you with red eyes. You get up to get away, and it vanishes.

You go under the stage in the auditorium where all of the props are kept for drama class. You start to hear talking and singing, yet you are the only one down there. You think nothing of it, possibly just other students, then you see a transparent apparition heading your way. You drop the props and get the hell out of there.

You are trying to get to class, which is on the second floor. You head to the stairs and notice that a family is at the top staring down at you. Some say they have spoken to them only to have the family turn and walk away very slowly. The family consists of a Father, Mother, two girls and a boy.

This my friends, is Kearns Jr. High. The Jr. High that I went to. Now I really didn't see anything while skipping running to class, but I have felt strange things while under the auditorium stage. I did hear the singing and the chatting when no one else was down there, and if there were other people, the chatting was coming from behind a wall no one could get by. I went down under that stage but once. The minute you get yelled at to "Get Out" you tend to not want to go back.

Kearns was farmland, but the military turned it into an army base. Welcome to Camp Kearns. Kearns Jr. High was built on land that was once was an Army Air Force Cadet Training Center. So some casualties happened on this base and possibly families were living here as well. It is said that there are a lot of tunnels underneath the school.

I would always get an uneasy feeling while going to school here, but mostly in the auditorium and on the second floor. It would be really awesome to do a ghost hunt there, but probably will never happen.

~*Kind of boring post today, kind of like the apples post. However, I will do better*~


Nicole said...

one word: YIKES!

DuckieSteph said...

Sounds similar to my old high school. We had a girl who died when I was in school in the Gym, and now people say she's still there.
I think every school has a touch of a ghost story. Whether they are real, or true, who knows?
My whole town was origionally a military base, so we have all kinds of creepy stuff happening around here, and I've experienced my fair share. You could call ghosthunters. They're totally down for those kind of things.
And no, it's not a boring post at all. =)

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

No, thats a totally cool post. I found it interesting, but then again I love ghost stories. We used to see a black sadow at the top of the stairs in my Mom's old house all the time. Someone told my Dad once that it was a ghost in the house and it was attached to an old set of silverwear my mom had put away. (I think it belonged to a great great grandma) Most of the time we were all fine, but sometimes you would get that creepy I'm being watched feeling. Ugh, glad she moved.

Anonymous said...

Supposedly the old Oxnard High which is now an afterschool place for kids is haunted. There have been supposed reports of ghosts. Also there is a ghost of a 5 year old Mexican girl in the toy section at Walmart and there was video proof from thier surveilance cameras of a girl coming and and disappearing in a matter of 5 seconds.


SweetiePea said...

To go to a haunted school like that would be totally creepy and totally awesome all at the same time.

Alan Myers said...

My sister worked in a school in rural Missouri where a man died and at night you could genuinely hear someone walking down the hall. it would be quiet build and the quiet again as if he was walking by.
Teachers there talked about it for years and my sister heard it many times. After a while it didn't bother her.