Sunday, October 17, 2010

Final "resting" place

You come upon a one room building. The room is a large room, and is separated by a canvas curtain. This building serves as a general store, an inn and living quarters for the family that runs both businesses. Though this building wasn't much, it was a place to get food and to lay your head if you were in need of rest.

~*The Bender home, inn and general store*~

The Bender family moved to Kansas in 1872. Mr. Bender, Mrs. Bender and their son didn't speak much to other people. An occasional hello to fellow locals while walking along the local road or selling the locals some canned goods, would be the only conversation that happened between most members of the family and the other people.

  ~*Mr. Bender, Mrs. Bender and the Son, John Jr.*~

Then there was Kate, the daughter. She was beautiful, outgoing and aggressive. She was tall and fair haired, and men were attracted to her because of this. She claimed to be a psychic medium who would talk to the dead. She also claimed that she could cure sicknesses and maladies, for a small fee of course. Men were just dying to see her again, literally. The family though, wasn't a true family. The only ones that were related were Mrs. Bender and Kate.

~*Kate Bender*~

Are you a wealthy comer to this place of rest, meals or portal to the other world? Go ahead and sit down in that chair, yeah the one with the back to the canvas. Let me place this plate of food down in front of you, when you go down to get that bite, WHAM, a sledgehammer to the top of your head! See, Kate's Father or her Brother, would be waiting behind that curtain, sneak up on you when you were not expecting it, with the thirst of murder in their minds. Though it has been said the amount that was gained from the murders was only $4,600, so it was widely speculated that the Benders actually killed for the thrill of it.

~*Bloodied hammers found at the location of the murders*~

Once the person was sure to be dead, their body would be dragged behind the curtain, stripped of everything, and then find it's place in the cellar. The body would remain in the cellar, until it would find a place upon the prairie to be buried.

The Bender's, however, murdered a Dr., and that was the end of their time in Kansas. When the Doctor's brother figured out that his brother died at the Bender's place of business, he went to talk to the local Sheriff. The Sheriff sent some deputies, and even some fellow local men, to the Bender property only to find that the Benders had vacated the house.

The men came upon a trap door that was nailed shut. When the door was finally pried open, the dried clotty blood was all over the dirt floor and the pungent smell of the home was very overpowering. That does happen when there is dried blood just laying around. No bodies were found under or around the home. The men took to the orchard and the prairie, where they would find more than two dozen bodies. They say that there may have been many many more undiscovered bodies that were not found.

~*Digging up the bodies*~  

Vengeful people set out to find the Benders, but it seemed that they vanished into thin air, never to be seen again. Are they perhaps part of the ghostly apparitions that appear at the site of the grisly murders? Or are those just the lost souls that have yet to be found?

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Anonymous said...

That's so interesting. I love these ghost stories that you tell! It makes me shiver in a good way.

Pagan Sphinx said...

Spine-tingling. Reminds me of a Rob Zombie movie - The Devil's Rejects. A whole family of crazies who plunder, maim and murder. You should see it, it's rather more camp than seriously grizzly.

Thanks for your comments on the sphinx blog. It's fun to have you by.


Anonymous said...

for some weird reason this post scares the hell out of me

Alpha Za said...

These are awesome, I love coming here. Always something ridiculously interesting.

Just Plain Tired said...

Hopefully if these folks have any ancestors they're not the murderous type. Quite an interesting story.

SweetiePea said...

Very interesting and spooky. And very well written