Thursday, October 14, 2010

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

You head north 70 miles out of Denver through winding paths of the Rocky Mountains. Once out of the mountains and into Estes Park, your eyes gaze upon what looks like a white mansion with a red roof. It is extraordinary, something out of a fairy tale, though the history of this place is no fairytale.

~*The Stanley Hotel*~

The place is the Stanley Hotel which opened its doors on June 22, 1909. Mr. Stanley, however, sold the hotel in 1926 and it would only be open intermittently during some summers. The hotel was closed during WWII.

One of the most famous reasons that the Stanley Hotel is known for is Mr. Stephen King. Though Mr. King stated that the Stanley Hotel has some inspiration for the book, the book is not based directly on the location. Mr. King did state that he did see a small child crying out for his nanny, though Mr. King and his wife were the only ones at the hotel at the time. However, he did return to the hotel in 1995 to film the mini-series of The Shining. Personally I liked the first movie better.

 ~*The book, not the movie cover*~

People claim to hear the piano playing on its own, though nothing is seen but the keys being pushed down by themselves, in the music room. Conflicting stories are told to who actually might be the one playing it, whether it be Mr. or Mrs. Stanley. However, people claim it is Mrs. Stanley for that is who Mr. Stanley gifted the piano to.

 ~*The music room with the "haunted" piano*~

You enter the hotel and go up to the front desk. You check in and the lady gives you the key to room 217. You enter the room and unpack some of your stuff that you will be using for the night. You go out to wonder the shops or to get a bite to eat and return to your room to find all your stuff is neatly packed away back in your suitcase.

Not wanting to stay in room 217 then try rooms 219 & 222 have been reported to have noises coming from them and the windows and doors open on their own.

Not wanting to stay in room 217 then try rooms 219 & 222. You lay down for a good nights rest, only you get no rest from all the windows and the door opening and closing on their own, and strange noises that occur.

You cannot escape the strange occurrences while staying at the Stanley Hotel, for every room is reported to have some kind of supernatural something going on in it. If you do happen to find a room that you can comfortably sleep in, then you will probably be woken up by the children that are often heard running and playing in the hallways, even though there are no children staying at the hotel at the time of the occurrences.

 ~*Kids running down the hall maybe? Photo from Ghost Videos*~

I did visit the Stanley Hotel for one of their ghost tours. I took pictures and video, but did not catch anything on film or sound. I did not feel any uneasiness when going through the hotel, like I usually do when spirits are present, but they may have not been present on that particular day. One day I plan on staying at the Stanley Hotel for the night, to see what or if any bumps in the night occur. It is a very elegant place and very beautiful. Even if there are no ghosts found, just going in and touring was an exceptional experience.


Simple Dude said...

I have always been fascinated with the Stanley, partly due to my love of The Shining. The lady friend loves it too, she even has a framed pic of Jack coming through the door (hanging on the inside of the bathroom door of course) in her house.

Seeing shows about the Stanley, including the multiple Ghost Hunter visits there has just increased me desire to see it. Someday!


Anonymous said...

you ever watch TAPS or destination truth on Syfy? They've been here doing investigation. I nerd it out on wednesdays on syfy, lol.

Damn The Broccoli said...

I watched muppet treasure island one night then tried to watch the shining. All I could think of was Fozzie Bear talking to his finger every time the child started!

I have to say it is not one of Kubricks or Nicholsons finest moments despite being a pretty good piece of cinema. The effect of the bike rolling over floor and carpet creating a chiarascuro of sound that is incredible moody.

The whole ending is a bit crappy though, as is a lot of Shelley Duval's acting.

To me Kurbick never topped 2001 even though the ending of that was a bit wappy, and Nicholson did his best in Easy Rider. After that he just became Jack Nicolson in everything. One flew over the cuckoo's nest might be the only other film he did that will match it.

Anonymous said...

I love the little history stuff that you do with supernatural things. I've always been interested with it and how they got staying on this planet and what not.

Although the ghost in the Tickler's room still doesn't like me...

The Barreness said...

I know it's romantic (blech) and overly emotive (double blech), but I LOVE the idea of these old haunted houses.

England is rife with them and I secretly am desperate to go on a ghost tour (I just need to be sure it's in a place where I am GUARANTEED not to see anyone I know.)

Looks like a gorgeous place.

- B x

BeMistified said...

SD: Go lady friend! That is freaking awesome! I will say, it is worth the trip, even if you do not experience anything.

TPR: Oh I am a hardcore TAPS fan!

DTB: Haha! Neither of "The Shining"s I was really impressed with. I have to agree with all you say on this one! :D

TAD: Ghosts are very odd creatures for sure! :( I am sorry the one didn't like you. Just think though, you can do stuff they can't! Wahaha!

TB: Ghost tours are awesome when they are not tampered with. IE: Make stuff happen just to make you scared. They have to be genuine ghost tours.

forestwalk/laura k said...

kissASS post!!

ghosts...spirits...things that go bump in the night...LOVE IT!! and it's not just for halloween anymore! they'll come visit anytime of the year!

(stephen king's books used to be the best! but they never made 'em in to very good movies....ya think??)

Sandra said...

I love that you can "Feel" these things. I have a friend like that too, and I'm kind of jealous of us. Us mere mortals don't hear the bumps and sit on the poor spirits.

BeMistified said...

FW/LK: Thanks! I know I am an avid ghost hunter, even when it isn't the season for it. I am not fond of the wannabes :D

Sandra: I have had many experiences :) Well it's their own fault, the spirits, if they don't move when they see you sitting down...