Friday, October 22, 2010

Bob My Apple

Go get that big metal tub. That's right, the one we usually wash the clothes in. Fill it with water please. After you do that, please go pick some apples and put them in the tub of water for we are going to have us an apple bobin' hoedown!

~*They look so num yummy*~

Apples are considered the forbidden fruit, have been for a very long time. People think that the apple represents knowledge *um duh*,  female deities, immortality and resurrection. A pentagram, which is a Goddess symbol among Wiccans, ancient Celts and Egyptians and Gypsies, is seen when the apple is cut at its equator.

Around Halloween time, people like to bob for apples, or hang apples from a string, both in the attempt to see who can bite the apple first. It is said that the first unmarried person to retrieve an apple from the water with their mouth, and or the string, would be getting married like pretty damn quick. So if you are single, okay well not married since there has been another post regarding that stipulation, and you don't want to be married, stay away from apples in a tub or hanging from a string. It means trouble!

If you did for some strange reason feel that you had to be the next to be married, and you didn't care if it was at the cost of almost drowning or some how wrapping very thin string around your throat nearly choking, and you did obtain that apple by ways of mouth only, then guess what?! You can then take that lucky apple and peel it in front of a mirror with only a candle as light, and it would produce that lucky person you are to wed, and very soon might I add, because of that one precious apple that was obtained by your, has to be huge depending on the size of the apple, mouth. There's also something about an apple cut in two pieces, but it was just waaaaaaaay too complicated.

When you are peeling that apple, you can also see how long you are going to live by how long you can keep that peel going before it breaks. Produce a long unbroken piece of apple peel, and you shall live for a very long time. The longer the peel the longer the life.


Anonymous said...

Love apple.
We've got one here in Britain called 'cox'.

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

We went to a place called apple hill a couple of weeks ago. Its like touring a bunch of apple farms in a 15 mile area. I did get some really delicouse pies, and we picked a bunch from an orchard. It was really fun and the kids enjoyed it.

GoofyGirl said...

I remember as a kid we'd count the seeds of a split apple 'cause we were told (by who exactly I just don't know) that it would tell us how many children we'd have...
Not to sure I put much stock in that theory... I have yet to eat a seedless apple.

Alpha Za said...

shucks, Im hungry now. Must seek out apple!

Greg said...

Interesting myths about apples, as a produce manager always looking for new tips..

Oh have enjoyed reading your posts.