Saturday, October 2, 2010

"House" was checking me out...

I was having lunch at a local pizza joint called Woody's. As I am sitting there, I notice a guy that looks like Dr. House. Well he did to me any way. I point this out to my friend and say, "Doesn't that look like House to you?!" The reply was, "Yes he does. We should go ask him if we can take you picture with him."

At that point, I was regretting pointing this guy out. If I am in the right mood, it wouldn't have hesitated, in fact I would have been the one that would have made the suggestion about getting a picture. "No, we are not going to ask him if we can take a picture with him." Well needless to say, I lost that argument or I wouldn't be here blogging about it!

So we go over to the table and the conversation goes like this:

Friend to Look-A-Like: "Has anyone ever told you that you look like house?"

Look-A-Like: "Not before I just got a hair cut. Since I got my hair cut, I was told by a friend that I resembled house."

Friend pointing at me: "Well she is obsessed with House and we wanted to know if she could take a picture with you."

Mind you, the Look-A-Like's wife is sitting across the table from him.

Look-A-Like: "Sure why not?!"

So I sit next to him and pictures are taken. We say thank you, offer to buy his lunch for reasons unknown. I mean he really wasn't House. He declined the lunch buying.

I get home, look at the pictures and guess what?! The Look-A-Like is looking at my boobs in one of the pictures! Again, wife is across the table. Well I must say, my boobs do rock and who wouldn't look at them if they had the chance? I just found it funny and had a great time. I am glad I had the push. Now I was debating writing this post because I really don't like pictures of me. I figured oh well, I don't think the other pictures of me were taken off the internet yet, and these are not as bad as those... Haha! Just kidding, or am I?

~*Regular pose & I don't know if he is confused because of their size or what, but he is CLEARLY looking!*~


Anonymous said...

That's kinda creepy...I wouldn't have done that unless it was actually Hugh Laurie, for matters just like that.

forestwalk/laura k said...

yep...he's checking out your boobs for sure.

but i don't think this guy looks THAT much like House! hugh House so hot! this guy looks a little heavier??!
but made for a memorable lunch! and pic's to prove it!! did u get his autograph?? :]

Alan Myers said...

That is Awesome. He is a Dr after all Ma'am

Just Plain Tired said...

He was probably just playing the role, and making sure the boobage was healthy, and stuff. ;)

vickilikesfrogs said...

He DOES look like House and he is so totally checking out your boobies! That's kinda creepy and awesome at the same time.

I Wonder Wye said...

Well we all know House can be pervy...

BeMistified said...

Adorkable: Yeah, I can be a rebel sometimes. I mean you only live once right?

Laura: He wasn’t a spitting image, but enough that I though he looked like him.
He is a little heavier, but of course he is eating pizza and not vicodine :P

Alan: Haha! I look back and I do too think it is awesome. A little “attention” never
hurt anyone….. right?

JPT: Haha probably!

Vicki: Agreed!

Wye: Very true, very true.

Brian Miller said...

haha...he seems to fit the role...

Anonymous said...

I read this a few days ago and just had to come back to it!
This is exactly what House would do! You really sure that it wasn't him!

BeMistified said...

Brian: lol he does huh! It was awesome.

GreenFingers: I wish it would have been him! Could you image what I would be able to do with that picture?! Haha!