Tuesday, October 26, 2010

If You Go In, You May Not Come Out

There was a lot of coughing and wheezing. There were a lot of breaths that were trying to be caught. A lot of chests were compressed and a lot of blood was being coughed up. Eyes were read due to the bursting of the capillaries that burst do to the onslaught of the coughing. Heads were buzzing and had the sense of dizziness due to not enough oxygen getting to the brain causing a fever. The lungs were breaking apart in the bodies of their carriers.  These are the things that people actually experienced while suffering from tuberculosis.

Kentucky had the highest tuberculosis death rate in 1900. Kentucky had numerous swamp lands and was in such a low valley area, that it was an awesome place for the bacteria to breed. The 40 bed two story hospital that Kentucky had was just way too small so in 1926 Waverly Hills was opened. Waverly Hills is a very well known haunted place now days. It was one of the most famous and advanced tuberculosis hospital. Some people that went in made it out, others were not so lucky, and their bodies would be disposed of through the “body Chute” and into the “death tunnel.”

~*Waverly Hills Sanatorium & Body Chute*~

In 1961 Waverly Hills closed down due to a tuberculosis facility no longer being needed because of the antibiotic that was discovered. In 1962 Waverly Hills turned into Woodhaven Geriatrics Sanitarium. Electro Shock Therapy was widely used in those days and was proven to be a very effective treatment, even now days. Due to budget cuts in the 60’s and 70’s reports of unusual and cruel treatments and horrible conditions were reported, and the Sanitarium was closed down in 1982 due to patient abuse.

The hospital was going to be torn down and the world’s largest Jesus statue was to be erected, but the owner was stopped because the hospital is on the National Historic Register’s “endangered” list. The dude tried to get the building condemned by letting people come in and vandalize it. He also tried to get the foundation to crack by digging around it as deep as 30 feet, but it wouldn’t crack.

The Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventures did a show here at Waverly Hills, and found a lot of different evidence. There were some orbs and a lot of EVP’s *Electronic Voice Phenomenon* ghosts talking. It is said that certain people’s doppelgangers have been seen when the physical person is not around any where. It is also said that if you run into your own doppelganger, you will die shortly after seeing it.

 ~*The morgue and a draining table that has draining holes*~

People have seen apparitions, shadow figures and voices. Some people have claimed that their hands have been held and possibly children wanting to play ball with the living that have come to visit. Some pictures were left behind in the rooms that they passed away in. A nurse was found hanged in room 502. She possibly had an abortion that had gone bad, It is said she did this because she was unmarried, pregnant, possibly had tuberculosis and was very depressed. It was rumored that she possibly had an abortion that had gone bad, and the fetus was found in the fifth floor well system.

This place is on my “have to visit” lists. If you do decide to go to places for ghost hunting, make sure you ask permission, and do not under any circumstances trespass.

Wavery Hills Sanatorium


Just Plain Tired said...

Wow, totally fascinating read, as usual. I thought initially it was going to be about ebola, rather than TB for some odd reason.

Nicole said...

Places like that scare the shit out of me! pardon my french :)

Anonymous said...

Im going to go out on a limb to say halloween is your favorite holiday and you're a bit of a parimonral nerd that doesn't mind coming out of the closet? =)

Anonymous said...

That sounds so scary, I really don't want to go there because apparently a lot of people have seen my dopplegangers and what not.


SweetiePea said...

I loved that episode of Ghost Adventures. They got some incredible evidence. This would definitely be worth the trip to see.

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

OMG, I used to live near there when I lived in KY. I heard stories, but was never brave enought to go check it out. Then saw it on a number of ghost hunting shows. SUPER CREEPY.
We are doing a ghost tour this Saturday at an old Hospital in Virginia City. Scary, but fun. I say that with a little trepidation considering I am truly a big fat chicken.

King of New York Hacks said...

There was a similar place for the mentally insane called Willowbrook on Staten Island, they turned it into a college, but I remember when it looked like these photos...brrrrr.

BeMistified said...

JPT: :)

Nicole: Eh no needing to watch what you say here!

TPR: Favorite is an understatement, haha! Paranormal nerd to the fullest right here!

TAD: Yeah doppelgangers are not something to mess with!

SP: I can only stand them sometimes lol I ♥ Ghost Hunters better

CRoaTM: You should have gone!

King: It's hard to find information on that place. I do know that it is a CSI college. :) I just may do some digging and do a post on it though!