Saturday, September 11, 2010

I Would Like To Introduce You To...

Before I get into who or what I am introducing you to, I am really proud of my creation.

Background: when I did have a job at good old, TWG, they would have company picnics, and with these picnics came a theme. This specific picnic was the Olympics, I was handed a torch for our department and was told, "here decorate this." It was a tiki torch, at first looking something like this:

Mind you that I was always the one that everyone came to so I could be on their team when stuff like this came up. I guess I have a niche for decoration and a wild imagination. I will have to show the Halloween desk closer to Halloween.

For this "decorate the tiki torch" assignment, I had to make sure that we showed somehow the country we were representing that was in the Olympics, and show that it had something to do with the Olympics.

Pondering and pondering, trying to reach deep down inside to pull this off. What can I do with a damn tiki torch that would be just awesome?!

So we figured out our country was Vanuatu, it sounded like a cool name to say, and I guess it was a Survivor location too. Alright cool, so I look up their flag and know what colors I have to work with.

~*Vanuatu flag*~

I find a really kick ass design for the Olympic rings, some dude at work who drew really really well, helped with our Olympic flag.

~*Our kick ass Olympic flag*~

Alright so I have that down, now back to the damn tiki torch. I grab some crepe paper, yellow, and we go from there. Some cardboard boxes, some frog fabric, of course, and some yellow paper. I go out and buy a Wilson ball, yes Wilson from Cast Away. They actually sold these damn things! I know it would have put an extra touch if I just bought a plain white volley ball and I put the hand print on myself, but I think they would have thought that would have been too far.

So I put all that together and guess what?! I made Spalding! Yes, Spalding, because what kind of person would I be to use the already known for Wilson? Oh yes and they had categories that each torch could win in, well because Spalding was so freaking fantabulous, they had to make a category for his level of coolness.

~* Meet Spalding. Yes there is a tiki torch under this whole awesomeness! Oh and yeah our gold medal *~

So Spalding became one of us. He adorned a headset at one time, a tie at another, a Halloween costume and even a Santa hat. 

I am going to miss this guy. He was stolen one week prior to us being let go from the company forever. I guess I am kind of flattered to know that I made something so awesome that someone else wanted him. Haha!

~*9 years ago today we had a traumatic event occur. One death is a tragedy, a million deaths is a statistic. America stands stronger everyday.*~


SweetiePea said...

Now that's creativity. Very cool.

forestwalk/laura k said...

yeah...really imaginative and cool...wild!! and you should be proud that someone wanted it bad enough to STEAL it...that jerk...i hope it brings him bad luck! first kind reminded me of 'castaway' for some reason...remember the movie with tom hanks..deserted island...he befriended the soccer ball...made a face on it...ha!

but now you can always work on another...even better!! and have him guard your home... :)

Damn The Broccoli said...

Spalding to me will forever be the big bald guy in House of a Thousand Corpses & Devils Rejects, and it's really hard to top that. Good second place though.

Wasn't a big fan of Castaway either. I miss the days when Tom Hanks made films like Big and Splash and didn't cry at the oscars. I hope there was a solar powered, waterproof, sattelite phone in that one box he didn't open!

BeMistified said...

Sweetie: Thank you!

Forest: Yeah I dunno, I had fun while making it just because it was a competition, and well I have to be the best dammit.

Jason: Thank you. I would hope you wouldn't steal from darling ole' me though. Haha!

DTB: Haha I didn't like Cast Away either, and that is why I went with the competitor of Wilson, even though the Dentist's name in the movie was Spalding. However, that ball was the finishing touch to decorating that damn torch. Those movies were awesome! Though I liked the first better than the 2nd.

Sandra said...

Theft of a beloved Spalding is definitely the best form of flattery!
He's cuuute...does he already have a girlfriend?

BeMistified said...

Sandra: Thank you and nah he wasn't committed to a single one chick, he was more like a "player" haha!

Gorilla Bananas said...

That looks like a voodoo doll. Did anyone stick pins in it?

BeMistified said...

GB: Well not when he was around me! They wouldn't dare. Though I cannot speak for whoever stole him ~*sigh*~ Who knows what they are doing to him! I am still waiting for the ransom note.

Simple Dude said...

Ha.. great post, love Wilson. Hopefully whoever stole him is not actually using him as a torch. Don't think his hair (or rubber head for that matter) would fair too well!


BeMistified said...

~*Sigh*~ I could only imagine his cute little head being used as some sort of ball that gets hit over the net. Oh the humanity!

Pagan Sphinx said...

The "damned tiki torch" turned out to be very creative!

BeMistified said...

Pagan Sphinx: Thanks! Thanks for visiting/commenting on the blog.