Monday, September 27, 2010

No Notice

I started this morning off by going over to Hillary’s to help her run some errands. I was gone for all of the morning and part of the afternoon.

When I get home, I am welcomed by two guys.

Background: My apartments were told by the fire department that the buildings were not up to fire code, due to only having smoke detectors in the halls and in the apartments. Well what the hell are we supposed to have? Firemen sleeping in our living room to make sure no fires break out? I mean I would be okay with that, but these apartments are as small as it is already.

Now I have seen these said men wandering the grounds of the apartments and I knew that they were the “bring the building up to code” men. When I first saw these guys, I went to the manager and asked “Yo what’s up with these guys and stuff?” The manager proceeded to tell me the information that is in the above paragraph. I was then told that I would be getting a fire alarm in both of my bedrooms. Not just any fire alarm, but those obnoxious LOUD alarms that you see in public buildings, and that they are heat sensitive, not smoke, so they shouldn’t go off if someone burns something in the oven that causes smoke and not a fire.

~*This is close to what is being put into my living room and my two bedrooms*~

Okay so I get home and these two guys are in my home, and wires are hanging from my ceiling. I was all “WTF?” Mind you I told my manager to PLEASE give me some sort of notice before they come into my apartment because I have a cat and I don’t want her to claw their eyes out since she has no idea who they are. I was reassured I would have a notice. Mind you, it is again the law to come into an apartment without a 24 hour notice prior to entering. So at this point I am looking for my cat and royally pissed off!

~*That is their box, yes they took it out. The holes, which they screwed up on, and the wires that I came home to*~

I bite my tongue, find my poor scared cat, let them do what they are doing and they leave saying, “We will be back in about a couple of weeks to put in the actual alarms. We just needed to install the wiring for now.” Do you think I am going to get a notice about them coming in to finish the work? No probably not. They are so lucky that I am not my neighbors across the hall. They are the older couple, the wife being all crochety and angry, the husband says hi, but they are the nosiest people ever. I can just image the call the manager is going to get from them! No notice, not going to go over well.

~*This is where the actual alarm will go, and this stuff runs all through my house hiding the wires*~

Well we will see what happens in a couple of weeks. I am still debating if I should go give the manager an earful or just let it go.


crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

OMG, that is terrible. I would be PISSED. Maybe they will give you $50.00 off the rent next month for the trouble!

Canadianbloggergirl said...

So incredibly not cool! Even though the reason for them being there is for your own good, the point is that its illegal to go into ur apartment and especially after confirming that you would gete notice. I'd be giving him an earful through a lawyer.


Diane-Sage said...

Count me in with the comments before me. They have a point...maybe if your neighbors feels the same way...well you all can approach the manager and go for the $$$ off of your next rent eh?

Sandra said...

Ya, definitely give an earful...and make sure you are fully clothed until said alarm is installed.

BeMistified said...

Well funny thing. I was leaving today and the manager comes over to me and tells me "See you in the unemployment line." Guess she got fired. For what I don't know, she said she had no clue. I don't think it was what happened today, but I think it was a long time coming. IMO.

Alan Myers said...

Somebody needs to hear about it for sure

Murphyfish said...

Hey BM,
No excuse for this sort of 'home invasion' without notice, rented, paying for, or owned outright a home is a sacred and personal place and as such should be treated with the utmost respect. Glad your cat's ok,

Damn The Broccoli said...

We have notice periods over here as well. We got home one day and the alarm was showing a fault. It tool me a couple of hours to realise we had a new window fitted! I don't mind though if things are getting done. All in all our landlords are pretty good so I forgive them their trespass.

I don't get the whole fireman thing but I think this could be a cultural difference again. American firemen are always portrayed as these big butch guys who care about rescuing puppies from wells. My dad was a fireman over here, so I knew a lot of other fireman. They tended to be slightly portly and not well built, often as stubbly as they could get away with before it interfered with their breathing apparatus. Not exactly calender material I can tell you.

But I am still glad as hell they are around to save us if we need them.