Monday, September 20, 2010

Won't Ever Do

So I was doing my morning errands and was listening to the radio. They were talking about bucket lists. One of the radio hosts thinks that many people default to a bucket list so they don't have to do anything. They think that when someone puts something on the bucket list, they think it is good enough for them and that they don't have to take action for it, because they put it on the list. It's a list that people do not intend to do.

So they go forward and have the idea to make up a W.E.D. list, standing for Won't Ever Do list.

I then go to the blogs I follow, and there is dear Miss Canadian Blogger Girl, blogging about the bucket list!

Well I will go the other direction and ask those to make a list of stuff that they Won't Ever Do. This is a list of what you have no intention of doing before you die. What are you adamant about NOT doing. Go ahead, make a top 5 list of things on your W.E.D. list.

I am not adamant or have no intention on doing the following things:

1. Jump out of a plane

2. Go to other parts of the world

3. Climb a big huge mountain

4. Eat strange animals or things that taste like chicken. I will just eat chicken.

5. Do Yoga


Simple Dude said...

Haha.. I saw your comment on Canadian Blogger Girls page and then saw you had already posted this - must be a faster typer than I am!

I'm with you on the plane thing...NOT for me. Unfortunately I have eaten lots of strange things already although they say anything that doesn't kill you only makes you stronger.

Which brings me to Yoga. I have tried that and it kicked my ass. You have to be made out of rubber to do all that stuff! I am in decent shape but apparently (didn't realize this before trying yoga) not at all flexible. While it's not for me, I do respect those who can do it without crying. Or drugs.


Brian Miller said...

dang, i would love to do all the things on your list...ok, honestly the jumping out of planes does give me that feeling in the pit of my stomach...kinda like i had before cliff jumping...

Damn The Broccoli said...

On the grounds that any list I make gets ignored, I don't feel it prudent to make a list of things I don't intend to do as by default I will end up doing them!

Is this some reverse psychology thing? Are you trying to trick us into action?

Anonymous said...

haha.. cute :)

Monkey Man said...

This is a perfectly good list to make. I will never make love to a man (my wife will be relieved I'm sure). I will never run for a political office (who needs the attention). I will never travel to India (dead bodies float in the same rivers they bathe in - ick). But I have and will eat things that taste like chick. Would jump from a plane. Have climbed a huge mountain and traveled to other countries. But yoga....juries out.

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

hahaha. I'm with you. Not looking fo any kind of thrills that would injure or kill me. No Thank You, I will stick to my couch and watch it on TV.

SweetiePea said...

Wow! I like this idea.

1.) I will never bungee-jump off anything or base jump for that matter.

2.) I'll never try cocaine, meth, heroine etc...

3.) I'll never join the military.

4.) I'll never commit murder.

5.) I'll never eat bugs.

Wow, that was harder than I thought it would be.

Terry Stonecrop said...

Love your list! So with you on the planes. I've piloted small planes but I would NEVER, unless my life depended on it, jump out of one:)

And the strange animals, yup, chicken is good:D

BeMistified said...

Dude: I own all my fame for this blog to her! I don’t fly. If I do not get any pleasure out of the downward facing dog, then I want nothing to do with it. Haha!

Brian: Good graciousness man! Okay so not going to other parts of the world has to do with flying. I don’t fly as I stated above to Dude. Claustrophobic and Acrophobia does not = planes. Haha!

Broccoli: Shhhhhhhhhh it was supposed to be our secret!

Nicole: Thanks!

Monkey: I think your wife will be very relieved!~*not that there is anything wrong with what was said*~ The yoga thing is starting to be a common thing of what NOT to do.

CROATM: Totally agree!

Sweetie: I am with you on 1-3 and 5, but I am curious about 4. Haha no just kidding, I like my life on the outside of the bars.

Terry: Thank you!

once upon a time said...

I was blogging and found out you reacted on my blog and that is so awesome cause i thought no-one was reading me!
why don't you wanna go to other parts of the world? where do you live?


BeMistified said...

Once Upon: I live in USA state of Colorado. I don't fly, so getting to other parts of the world, well not gonna happen! =) Thanks for reading and commenting.

JeffScape said...

You realize that the way you worded your list, it actually reads that you ARE going to do those things?

And I've done all 5. Still do all 5, actually. But then... I'll try anything twice. ;)

BeMistified said...

Jeff: Fixed the list =) That list may change though as time goes on. As for now, nope :P I applaud you, you brave person!