Friday, September 10, 2010

Tebow throws to Royal in the end zone... TOUCHDOWN!!! Booyah!!!

It is time for football! Woot Woot! ~*Does a little dance*~

There is something about a guy in those tight uniforms and a helmet that just makes me want to RAWR!

 ~*Yeah it’s our new QB, Mr. Tim Tebow*~

Alright so this is the most awesome season/time of the year, in my opinion. It’s going to be fall ~*September 23rd*~, the leaves are going to change, pumpkin spice candles are being lit and it’s time to break out your favorite teams football jersey to wear in pride.

I ♥ football! I do have to say that I get WAY into it though, shouting at the T.V., jumping up and down and pumping the fists in the air. Ohhhh yeah.

I come from the good ole’ state of Utah, so yeah they don’t have a pro football team, so living here in Colorado, I have adopted the Denver Broncos.

New coach, new team and new quarterback. I am hoping they can kick some football ass.

Oh yes, and we must not forget the cheerleaders. So I am picky, and I do not find that all of our cheerleaders are all that great, so I picked out the two that I liked.

 ~*Anjuli Rodriguez & Amanda Lofland*~


SweetiePea said...

I'm a native to Colorado. Fall is definietly my favorite season. And we're in a great state for it. And I was practically born with a Broncos jersey on. LOL Broncos Sunday was always sacred in our house. You DID NOT ask dad to do anything on Sunday. LOL

Terry Stonecrop said...

I root for the Florida Gators as well as the New England Patriots, as I grew up there.

My fave cheerleaders are the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. I think it's the uniforms. They just look so cool:)

BeMistified said...

Jason: Well I guess it's better than "Da Bears":P

Sweetie: Nothing but football country out here, that is one of the many reasons I ♥ Colorado!

Terry: that's where we got Tebow from, as you probably already know being a Gator fan and all, so we hope we get some of your support for that! Haha!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Go Broncos! Fans here (lived in Colorado too)...and as for Tebow, well a local from these parts. Ayep.

BeMistified said...

Linda welcome to thy blog and thank you for the comment. =)

Anonymous said...

Rocky Mountain High, Mile High Madness, love my Bronco's!

BeMistified said...

OEE: It is a lovely place to be.

JeffScape said...

Uh oh... I'm a Chargers fan. You and I are gonna have problems. ;)

BeMistified said...

Jeff: Ooo competition, competition! I think we will be able to live with it though, no?