Saturday, September 4, 2010

I am right here!

Have you ever been in the situation to where you do all this stuff, and the person sitting right next to you doesn’t notice it, or if they do they do not recognize it? Like all  you want is just a little acknowledgement?

I know it may seem kind of selfish, but everyone needs to hear that they are doing a good job every now and then.

So you don’t get that acknowledgment you are looking for and pretty much say fine whatever, I can do this on my own and I will.

So you go about your business, try to do the best you can and you then notice that the person sitting next to you is acknowledging other people for the same thing you freaking wanted acknowledgement for! Ugh! The person sitting next to you doesn’t even know these other people. Yes it’s good to be kind to people, but how can you be kind to other people when you cannot even be kind to the person you know, that you are sitting by that is doing the exact same things, or trying to do, and not one acknowledgement, not one positive word. So aggravating!

I know this probably makes absolutely no sense, but it was what I was thinking and they way I saw it in my head to write down.

I am right here doing the exact same things!!!

Thanks for listening/reading. I had to get that off my chest! I promise, there shouldn't be too many of these.


SweetiePea said...

I think venting or expressing feelings is a great use of blog. It sort of helps to know there are other people in the world having problems. Maybe you should find someone else to sit next to. :-D

Gorilla Bananas said...

I know exactly what you mean and I'm glad your chest is now unencumbered.

BeMistified said...

SP: Very true, and we will see what happens.

GB: Thank you. Hmm I see you comment, but do you not follow blogs? :P

Anonymous said...

you can sit next to me..

BeMistified said...

Eemah: Awww thank you. I am glad you found my blog =)