Friday, September 17, 2010

Jeepers Creepers Where'd You Get Those Peepers

I was watching television, okay not watching, it’s more of an expensive background noise maker. Any who, this commercial comes on, you know the kind that makes you say WTF?

Right when it comes on it says “The eyes you are born with, are the eyes you keep.” That’s where the WTF comes in to play. I go searching the internet trying to find the source of this commercial after the initial WTF wears off. If there was not a WTF moment, I would have remembered exactly what the commercial was for and who did it and there would not be a WTF moment to blog about.

Well for the life of me I cannot find whose commercial that was. From what I remember, I think it might be a Kaiser Permanente commercial, which wouldn’t surprise me and would explain a lot IMO.

So are the eyes that you are born with the eyes that you keep? What if you lose an eye, heaven forbid of course, then you would be on your 3rd eye. You were not born with that eye. If you keep losing eyes for some strange, unknown and crazy reason, then you definitely do not have the eyes you were born with, therefore, that commercial lies! Lies I tell you, all lies!

Damn, how I wish I could find this commercial. Personally, I don’t even know what the rest of the commercial is about, haha! I think maybe they need to think of something else to say right at the beginning of the commercial, that way no one is hanging on the opening line and not knowing WTF your commercial is even about.

Great this will be plaguing me all freaking day until the commercial comes on again and I can say, WTF, all over again.

~*These are my eyes I was born with. Wow this is way cool. Here's looking at you kid. Haha!
Oh, and I plan on keeping them, knock on wood.*~


Anonymous said...

ok so once you figure out what the commercial was you need to report back to us... inquiring minds would like to know as well :)

Damn The Broccoli said...

On a geeky note, every cell in your body is constantly regenerated, with the average age of a cell being somewhere around the 10 year mark. Your skeleton is entirely replaced every 10 years, your live every 500 days or so, red blood cells about 120 days and the lining of the gut only about a 5 day cycle.

So if you are over twenty it is very unlikely you still have the eyes you were born with unless you have been harvesting the dead cells as they fall off you somehow and put them in a little pot.

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

Here's another WTF? Commercial for you. I was at the gym last night and McDonald's has a commercial with a grieving wife identifying her husbands body, who is on a gurney, with a half eaten cheeseburger in his hand. Kind of morbid and disturbing all at the same time. Then had some reference to being a vegetarian. I think it said go McDonald's vegetarian. It was worse then the axe detailer commercial about having "clean balls" All though funny, but yet still another WTF commercial. The crap they get away with these days!

BeMistified said...

Nicole: For sure!!!

Broccoli: What would I ever do without you? Well at least I have the same cool color of the eyes I guess. Hmm is that why eye site gets worse over the years?

CROATM: OMG I just youtubed the commercial, gosh why can't I do that with MINE?! Haha! Any way, yeah just a little bit disturbing. I have never seen the Axe "dirty balls" commercial, well until now! Wow that is crazy. I laughed. Jaime Pressly never ceases to amaze me. All those that would like to see the commercials she is talking about ~*McDonalds*~ ~*Axe*~

SweetiePea said...

I can't think of good comment because I'm still in my WTF moment. The eyes you are born with are the eyes you keep. Well ... duh! It's a bit redundant. I wonder how much they're paying their marketing executives to come up with that tripe. Oh, and awesome eyes btw ... mine are dark blue too. :-D

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

I tried looking for yours too, but came up empty handed. The axe one is pretty funny, but I have only seen it once, and i'm still shaking my Have a great weekend!

BeMistified said...

Sweetie: I know right, WTF. Still have not seen the commercial once today. Figures! Thanks on the eyes. I find eyes so intriguing.

CROATM: I am still laughing. You have a great weekend as well!

Sandra said...

Well you know, it's all fun and games till someone loses an eye!

Anonymous said...

wtf indeed

forestwalk/laura k said...

i'm in the over 50 crowd...i still have my peepers...they may not do the same job they did 20 yrs ago...they've gotten lazy i guess...just like the rest of my body has gone through some changes...and i hear new crackles and pops in my eyes may be the same color...but they need a little help with the SIGHT thing... :)

BeMistified said...

Sandra: Well yeah, but depending on whose eye it is, it could be hilarious :P

Eemah: Right!? I still have yet to see the damn commercial again. =(

Laura: My eyes have assistance with glasses. ~*sigh*~ I do have to say though, I look mighty cute in them. Haha!