Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bugle you!

~*Disclaimer: Long Post*~

A friend and I decided to take a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday. We figured with it being a weekday, no one would be up there. Plus, today is a free day for National Public Lands Day. Haha, boy were we wrong, it was ubber busy! Maybe due to the color changes to the leaves. Who knows.

 ~*Ooooooooooooo, Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Lala*~

So we get up there to find out that they don't have daily passes, they just have a 7 day pass for the awesome price of $20. I don't find that this 7 day pass is very convenient for those who do not live in Colorado or do not venture up this way very often. I mean it may take a day to view the whole park if you get there early enough. I find this rather annoying. Of course I did find out what some of the entrance fee goes towards.

~*This was nailed to the wall on the outside of the restrooms. I tried not to get a reflection, but it was sooooo shiny!*~

We mainly went there to see the elk. I guess this is the time of year where they are mating with one of their many females they decided to include in their harem or polygamist sect, and bugling a lot. After we pay to get into the park we drive a round for a few hours and see NO wildlife. Okay so I found a chipmunk on a rock.

~*Meet Chumbly the Chipmunk*~

Hillary, my friend, and I continue driving and still find no elk. Oh and Hillary had surgery on her broken foot about 6 weeks ago, so of course driving around for a few hours and not being able to walk much on her foot, she was done for the day. We get about 2 feet out of the park and what do we see? That's right ladies and getns, ELK! They were far away elk though, but we came to see elk and we saw elk. Mind you we saw these elk OUTSIDE of the park that we paid $20 to get in to.

~*The land of the far away elk. This is a picture you will have to click to see*~

So we look at these guys for just a minute, they weren't bugling or doing anything interesting so we left. Driving out of Estes Park Hillary shouts, "OH MY GOSH! LOOK! THERE THEY ARE!" Mind you, I am driving. I slow down, make the turn and there they are on the golf course. Hillary has never been up to those parts of the state, so it was exciting. She moved fast for someone who had a not so good foot. We get up to the elk, there is a fence between us and the elk, and it was awesome. There was a Stud, about 4-5 wannabes, 3-4 cows and 2 calves!

~*This is the stud in all his manlyness. RAWR*~

 ~*These are a few of the wannabes, there were more on the other side of the pond*~

~*This was the only picture I have of one of the cows and the two calves*~

As we are watching the Elk, one of the wannabes starts to come over, of course the stud can't have this and chases him away. He is chasing him towards the fence, the people that are standing at this said fence can see these elk coming towards them yet they just stand there. The wannabe hops the fence, which I didn't get, but the stud comes back over and bugles, like "damn straight MOFO you better get to stepping." I caught this all on video! Wahoo! Make sure to have your sound up so you can hear him bugle! I leave you with this video, and hope that you all have a great weekend.


Canadianbloggergirl said...

Got some beautiful pics! Love the video!


ain't for city gals said...

All well that ends well....I have to tell time my hubby and I were hiking and it was foggy and we ended right in the middle of a herd of elk..very strange feeling. Bummer about the $20 pass...surely they could figure something else out...same for the Grand Canyon...

Just Plain Tired said...

Really like the pictures, beautiful country there. And my luck would be the same as yours, I'd pay the money to see the Elk, then catch a view of them for free later.