Monday, September 6, 2010

A Lot Like Work

Well I decided that it was a good day to go fishing. I got up this morning, and it was beautiful, a little chilly and calm.

Ugh, I had about an hour for some calm fishing and then WHAM it was category 2 hurricane forced winds, I swear! Hair going every where, sand in my eyes, fishing line going out of control and a freaking sunburn! I could use the whole bottle and still get sunburned. I am the type that could get sunburned/moonburned at night. Fishing shouldn't be a lot like work dammit. Haha!

~*My sunburn. It hurts as bad as it looks :( *~

I did however manage to catch some little fish. This weekend was filled with little fish. Oh well, all in all it was a great weekend!

While fishing I notice some smoke in the air. Figured it was a farm or something on fire. It was actually 4 mile canyon in Boulder. Crazy stuff!

Hope y'all had a loverly Labor Day!


BeMistified said...

J: Thank you =)

Sandra said...

Think you had enough drama for one day???...I love that you are such a fishing enthusiast...I think my husband would fall in love with you.

BeMistified said...

S: I'm telling you! Didn't even land a decent sized fish. Oh well I do it for the fun.

SweetiePea said...

Awesome. I don't think I could catch a fish if my life depended on it. You can really smell the smokiness in the air this morning from the fire. They've to evacuate some people too.

BeMistified said...

SP: All those houses lost and I am sure more will be lost to the fire as well. I can smell it as well, you would think being in Golden you wouldn't smell it as much due to the distance, but it for sure is in the air. You could catch fish, I could show you =D