Saturday, September 18, 2010

A drunk mans words are a sober man’s thoughts.

She lay there in her bed trying to fall asleep. The window to her third bedroom apartment is slightly ajar, so to feel the cool breeze that is blowing. “It’s almost Autumn” she thinks to herself.

She lives in a small quiet town. Not much goes on around here. It isn’t quite Mayberry to where everyone knows everything about everyone, but it could be in some parts. So when it is a quiet town, with not much going on, you have cops that get bored and are just aching to bust someone over something so piddly.

As she is just about in her deep sleep, I hear, very loudly I might add, “Dude to you have a lighter for my marijuana!?” This question was followed by liquid hitting the pavement. “Dude you are puking!” Thank you Captain Obvious! “We didn’t even drink that much, how could you be puking?” Well I guess you have some very week friends who do not know how to hold their liquor very well College Boy.

They walk away, I am thinking, “Oh thank God!” I close my eyes and they are jolted awake by the loud voices again. “Dude you are looking at your own puke!” “Why are you looking at your own puke?!” No answer. Now I didn’t get up to see who the hell was outside, I was just glad that I wasn’t the person in the garden level apartment. They finally go away, and I think to myself, “College kids. In just a matter of minutes Barney Fife is going to pull them over for public intoxication, or some Gomer will be screaming “Citizen's arrest, citizen's arrest!"

Yup so here I am 2 o’clock in the morning writing a blog post, smiling because I know Karma will be coming along and kicking their ass when they wake up.


Simple Dude said...

Haha, funny stuff. Been there, done that. On occasion I have wished I could go back to the college days. But when hearing stories like this I realize being a 30-something isn't so bad after all!


Anonymous said...

i think that;s awful.. the puke thing.. -__-

JeffScape said...

Puking can be an enlightening experience.

Diane-Sage said...

LOL I didn't quite had those thoughts but I had thoughts of roller coasters ;-)
THX for your wonderful comment. You done good for me!

forestwalk/laura k said...

hahahaaa...funny...but not the puking part...been there, done that too,,,ugh! don't miss it...

i could HEAR gomer pyle's clearly...ha!!

BeMistified said...

Dude: It isn’t bad at all. I will be there in a couple of years. Course I am not much of a drinker, gives me headaches haha before the next day :P

Eemah: I am a chain puker, one starts I start. Thank goodness I wasn’t fully awake.

Jeff: Guess so when you go back and need to look at it. Haha!

Diane-Sage: Thank you for your awesome posts and reading mine!

Laura: Right, so did I with Gomer’s voice. I just had to add him!

Anonymous said...

haha nice!

Monkey Man said...

I think hearing is effected when you are drunk because drunks always talk in a near yell regardless of where they are or who they are talking to. Maybe part of the dui test should be a decible meter. Funny stuff, Be Misty.

SweetiePea said...

LOL Ugh! I love leaving the windows open. I love having fresh air. But, like you, I've been woken up many a night by drunken idiots. It almost seems to be a requirement to get an apartment in my building. LOL So I feel you're pain.

BeMistified said...

Nicole: I would have laughed more if I wasn't trying to sleep. I would have mocked them, because me being on the third floor I could have messed with them sooooo much.

Monkey: I have noticed that drunks are much more louder than they need to be. I think they are so drowned by the alcohol in their brain it throws them off.

Sweetie: Being in the same town you know about the college idiots!