Sunday, September 26, 2010

Chicks & Football

Well I figured since today was Sunday, I would talk about football. I football. It’s pretty much the only sport I really can get into. I don’t know what it is about hockey, but unless they are beating the crap out of each other, I don’t want to watch. I can watch baseball, but only if I am at the game.

Alright on to the post. I was watching television the other day and I stumble across lingerie football. I have heard of lingerie football before, when it first came out, due to Denver having a team, Denver Dream, in this league. I really never watched it, just looked it up to see what the chicks would be wearing in order to play this said football. I mean I know it’s lingerie, but what type? So after looking, they wear a bra and panties.

 ~*Abbi Burrows & Melissa Mikkelsen*~

I am thinking to myself, “Self, how the hell are they planning on playing football in that, and for some, with a thong up their ass?!” For some reason I never really looked into how or where they actually played football until the other day when I selected the channel it was playing on. Now the game I was watching was played inside like arena football, but after some research, these girls also play out on the big field.

~*This is where our chicks play. Funny how it is name Dick's Sporting Goods Stadium*~

The game is played in two halves, not the traditional four quarters. There are two minute warning each half, and the halves are seventeen minutes each. Each team gets three time outs. There is no punting and no field goals, but there is kick offs for the opening of each half. When a touchdown is made, the team either gets the chance to score one point from the two yard line or try a two point conversion. I do have to say that this is a very fast paced sport. I think a game lasts less than two hours.

I couldn’t watch much of it, because it was just hand the ball, run and touchdown. Yeah there was some tackling every now and then, but even though the chicks looked cute, I am going to be sticking with my manly football. 

Ladies and men, what are your thoughts, if you really have any, regarding this topic?

Go Broncos!!!


Simple Dude said...

Being a football junkie myself (watching as i type) I am not too intrigued by the 'sport' of this but thats not to say I am not still intrigued for other reasons.

There is a semi-pro women's football team here in Minnesota and they wear full uniforms with pads, helmets and everything. Pretty much all the same stuff the guys wear. This doesn't interest me either, but these girls are tough... not too many people would want to see these ladies in lingerie if you catch my drift.


Canadianbloggergirl said...

Ok, so I don't do sports or on television, nor do I participate in them.

However those outfits are degrading! Oh, how I'm sure that most men would love to watch them in those outfits, but....

why is it men can't play a sport like that so women can get a "lovely view" of their spectacular goods?


JeffScape said...

I love the LFL. Love it.

Go Seduction!

crazy ramblings of a tired mom said...

I'm thinking it's purley for the guys to watch a bunch of chicks, half dressed tackling eachother. NOT INTERESTED!

BeMistified said...

Dude: I would be just fine watching fully clothed chicks play football. It just seemed so namby pamby if you will with the LFL.

CBG: We should make a sport that does just that!

Jeffscape: So what is your team?

CRoaTM: I am surprised they don’t play on a field while it raining and, ooooops, how did the mud get there?

Warner (aka ntsc) said...

Thank you for introducing me to something I would have been happier never knowing.

Damn The Broccoli said...

As a Brit who does enjoy other nations sports I have never fully understood football. Firstly football is ours, we had it first, but it is just so slow with all the stops. Don't get me wrong I used to love watching it and used to try and keep awake long enough to take in Superbowl sunday (at 1am over here) but it does get a bit dull with all the constant stops. The cynical part of me thinks its so the sponsors can get more airtime. Watch some of the old games before they even got padding and it was a sport then. God they used to hit one another. I prefer Rugby but it's still a bit slow and too polite in a violent kind of way.

If you want to watch men with odd shaped balls knock seven bells out of each other, then to me the only sport for it is Aussie Rules. By the Lord Harry those guys go at it and there's no padding there, or at least wasn't last time I watched a game.

I do love Basketball however. It's been too long since I watched a game as it doesn't get shown over here unless you have satellite and more money than sense but I used to love watching Barkley and Rodman and wondering what the hell they were going to do next!

The less said about wrestling the better.