Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'll Cut You

Well, not really, unless you made me. Haha!

As I look around, I notice that I ♥ more things than just boots and frogs.

I ♥ skulls, knives and black roses.

~*This is my shelf dedicated to this stuff. Since it's not much right now, it fits perfectly*~

First I will start with knives and daggers. I am not much into the sword thing, unless it's a really cool scorpio, skull or spider sword.

I like something small to medium size that is easy to handle, knives that is. O.o

Daggers are good too, but again has to be a really cool kick ass dagger.

Here are some that I am partial to:

~*These are due to me being a Scorpio, and Scorpios rock!*~

~*These because Skulls and Spiders rock! Though not as much as Scorpios!*~

The stuff I have/want are mostly for show, however, I am sure that if I really needed to use them they would do some damage.


SweetiePea said...

I like the shelf. It's set up really well. Very cool stuff. Maybe I should let out my dark side. LOL

BeMistified said...

Don't listen to people when they say that the dark side isn't good. The dark side is the best side EVER! We have cookies!

Damn The Broccoli said...

Not sure about daggers. I am more the Claymore man. That said why bother with blades at all? Give me 6 feet of english yew, three feathers and a yardstick and I will knock someone down before they get within four hundred yards with a knife. Suppose I have to cut my cheese somehow thought!

BeMistified said...

DTB: Yeah, just make sure thought you have it by the bedside ready to go. It is less messy that way too I suppose. However, what is the fun in that? Haha!

Murphyfish said...

Ah my friend Damn has preempted my thoughts, although it would have to be a Welsh bow ;-)Did you say that there are cookies on the dark side? Count me in Lordess Vader.

BeMistified said...

M: Awesome. All types of cookies! =D

One Woman's Thoughts said...

A blade lover . . . how nice. I am intrigued by your postings. I don't find it so sinister, as I do a part of the pendulum of interests and opposites.
I too, am attracted to sharp edges, although you would never assume that fact by looking at me. I have an interesting collection. The allure is historical, and the knowledge of power and potential to change something forever. Don't forget the life substance blood that is accompanied by most thoughts.

BeMistified said...

OWT: Thank you so much for your comment. No, we shan't forget the blood.

She Writes said...

The knives I totally get. Would like a nice one myself.

SweetiePea said...

Mmmmmm Cookies. That's enough to make anyone switch sides.

The Sword of Odin Knife Blog said...

That is a very nice collection you have there. Very cool! So you like daggers eh? As for me I am a bowie man. And for self defense purposes, my preference is the tanto blade. Also I like my knives to be at least 6 inches long.

Excellent post!

BeMistified said...

Sword: I prefer knives over daggers any day. Thank you for the comment. =)